The ultimate antidote when you believe something is OP


Hey guys,

Lately I have seen a lot of topics on the forum making statements about certain cards or strat being OP. While some of them were completely fair ,some other however were absolutely laughable.

For everyone who thinks that a certain strategy/card/archetype is OP I invite you to play the god damn thing before posting anything on the forum. Most of time you will actually find out that the card/strat was actually counter-able, by the miracle of testing you made yourself a more informed player and will have the knowledge to counter it later on , making you a better player in every ways. In some rare occasions you will find your hypothesis to be correct and in that case you also made yourself a better player, because being a good player is not only about playing well but also choosing the best decks.

Writing down a post on the forum ,read and answer people, will take you more time than playing a few games on the ladder to test your hypothesis.

What do you have to loose?

Also keep in mind that the lower rank you are the more likely wrong your assumption will be , since your knowledge of the game/meta is likely to mislead your conclusion.


Usually people complain about stuff being OP is because they’re mad and want to vent. And the easiest way to do so is to make an angry forum post. Their minds is set on things and there is nothing one can say to prove them otherwise. There’s no point in trying to prove them otherwise anyway because thread wasn’t made with an intent to discuss is the OP thing in question truly such. It’s made with a goal to vent and to find like minded people to reassure them.

Point being, things are like they are and nothing you or me do won’t change it.


I am aware of that , this is why I don’t reply to them anymore. But I just wanted to make a post since I managed to put words on my thoughts lately.

If it can change the behavior of just one person that’s good enough for me.

A man can dream.


I dunno why I expected a “git gud” gif


Sure bro let me just pull 9K spirit outta my ass to play songhai myself to then realize that, yes, they’re a big bunch of bullshit and cancer even if I play them.


Confirmation Bias-ception.


This could have been phrased in a slightly more civilized manner but it is completely true.
Most people are not going to be able to afford the amount of spirit required to craft the OP cards if they don’t already have them since many of them, especially post-Shimzar, are legendaries.

And to be honest, the most complained about cards I see on this forum are pretty blatantly broken in a way that would be obvious even to someone with only basic game knowledge.
I can understand why complaint threads would annoy the OP but at the same time, the competitive metagame is so oppressive and has so little diversity at the moment that you really can’t blame people for wanting to make clear how little fun the game is to play in its current state.


I would agree that trying the OP card is a good idea.
However doing bad with a card doesn’t prove a card is not overall OP. Everyone is better at different play styles, factions and cards. I would get destroyed by Kara but then do terrible when playing as Kara. Skill factor will affect what is perceived as OP. Some people just struggle with certain cards. Every deck has weaknesses and maybe a certain card exploits said weakness. Everyone has different experiences and bias. There is also no measurement to say how OP a card is. Unfortunately whether right or wrong there will always be complainers :sob:.


I agree but if you practice enough with a deck you should be able to play it decently. In any case, it can only be positive whether you succeed or not.


The ultimate antidote when you don’t like the topic of a forum thread (such as someone saying something is OP): close it and read another one.

While it is always good for people to ensure they have a solid understanding of something and enough experience/data to draw conclusions on it before doing so, this is in fact a discussion forum and I don’t see the problem in discussing whether or not a card is OP. If the person making the claim is considered incorrect by the general population, that will come out pretty quickly.

Oh, and the fact that a card can be countered doesn’t automatically make it not OP. Every move can be countered in some way.


this is what I do most of the time, just wanted to share a hint.

If you test in the worst case you will find counters but in most cases you will just find out that it is not OP at all.


While I agree it’s not a good idea to post declarative threads about subjects you don’t fully understand yet, I do think there is a place for a little bit of venting, even when it’s lacking in nuance.

What I don’t agree with is @thorrk’s (clearly well-intentioned) suggestion in their opening post. It’s like when movie critics or film snobs tell people to not listen to reviews and just go watch the movie and make up their own minds: not all of us have the time and money to just potentially throw away like that, just like most of us don’t have the resources to try out Duelyst decks we want to critique. Everyone should of course take care when criticizing something they haven’t explored fully, but I do not find this suggestion helpful for the vast majority of players.

Of course, if you do have the ability to try out an archetype (like a Mechazor or Ranged deck), you really should play it before criticizing it.


I understand , but if people would try out what they have that would already be great.


The biggest problem here is that if you don’t have the cards you can’t test it. I can’t test 90% of the decks out there because I have invested into the deck I currently use.

If you are talking about games in general this is a good idea, nothing stops you from playing a different race in Starcraft, different hero in Overwatch or use a different gun in CS:GO. However grinding for weeks or spending $50 on orbs just to test out “OP” cards isn’t viable for most players, and new players who have the most trouble against “OP” cards are the ones that have the fewest cards.


So you went to the forums to vent about people who go to the forums to vent? :smiley:


Ventception. Seems legit.


Oh my god yes. I was an SC2 Protoss player and all the terrans whining about how op we are without actually trying 'toss to see how expensive it really is to have 6 Colo, and 5 HTs.


I understand the budget constrains but most people on the forum are complaining about things they can probably test by themself.


Actually as far back as I remember a lot of the most complained about cards are the most expensive. Notable examples include Third Wish, Aymara, Metamorphosis, Keeper of the Vale, Mask of Shadows, Time Maelstrom, Sarlac the Eternal, Archon Spell Binder, Lady Locke, and now cards like Kron.

Turns out that a lot of the cards most decried as ‘OP’ are in fact legendaries in very expensive decks. This may very well be because cheaper cards are in fact played by people so less people complain about them being unfair, since they themselves also have acess to them. Your suggestion may very well already be in practice by all but the most inexperienced players. Also worth noting that all those cards I mentioned did in fact turn out to be OP and had to eat nerfs.