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The Tower of Babel


After more testing and fiddling, this is the best deck I’ve been able to work up. I actually really like it and had fun playing with it. Some intense matches were played with it too.

The best that build can do is provide some fundamental support in healing and draw. Surprisingly though, it does both very well if you play smart. For example, against vaath, I know a lot of them like to smorc so I put priority on the Rx surviving by baiting nat select on bandit. I have Bake for a little extra draw cause t2 can be unreliable at times but also because Bake has an amazing body that can clear a lot of things in combination with fist and tear. Speaking of tear, try not to play him as a turn one play unless you’re really desperate or the matchup will require pings. I’ve won many matches by holding him and having no turn one.

Hamon is great, I strongly prefer to Kron personally, but watch out for rebuke and paragon (rebuke to 5 mana). Most people don’t run removal nowadays so it can be a great threat, just [1] don’t play it on an empty board and [2] don’t expect it to survive for long.

Dioltas is a big threat just like Hamon but can also hold enemies down with the tombstone and just slow things down in general. I wouldn’t say he’s super important, you can replace with another 4 drop of your choice but that’s my personal pick.

Zendo is a 2 of because he is useless unless you have a hamon on the field already. I don’t really recall even playing the card once, could be replaced for something else, preferably something can finish your opponent off. Mizuchi is just a random card I put in to great success might I add. He pulls his weight as either removal bait or gets triggered and you got a cool 4/5 with flying on the field. Might consider putting him to a 2 of and zendo to 1 of.

Flamewreath is a tough card to use. I feel confident in playing with him now, but I would recommend to people who are unfamiliar with him to instead use Reva and replace wreath with KE or a solid 4 drop. Wreath is an all in play, so if you use him, be sure to be close to killing them. Never play him naked but at the same time playing him naked without moving him can be a great play. You can also play really early in the game when the enemy is at 25 HP. It requires a lot of intuition in my experience to play him so be careful.

Overall, this is just a basic midrange deck. I doubt it will be super successful in diamond or even S, but I think it works great. The build core is a small part but really adds a lot to the deck outside of magmar matchups mainly because of their 0/10 stickiness and utility.


I forgot to add, the post that gave me inspiration for a build core midrange deck was the post I linked in the beginning of the OP. There were ideas in that thread to include the songhai build minions Penumbraxx and Drifter, however, after playing a few games with them, I found those cards utterly worthless.

Penumbraxx can easily be countered by the opponent covering their back. The amount of reward for pulling braxx off is not worth it. He also takes 2 turns to build because??? Drifter’s stats are meaningless when he can only hit the field at 6 mana. His ability is too time sensitive to work well. And because we are just using RX and t2, I did not see a point in including timekeeper. RX and t2 are the resources, not the things we use resources for.

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Building intensifies


Feels like without trying to have Penumbrax pay off there’s not even any point.

Like you’re just running bad Herald/Mystic and bad Sojourner out of some obligation.

I guess it’s why build never took off much.


Granted being fair here braxx was always the absolute worst minion in your deck even when we played these lists to decent success.

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I heavily disagree. Penumbraxx kind of sucks in the first place, even if he had build one, backstab is a mechanic that becomes increasingly bad as you get to higher levels of play. And the ability to put your minions anywhere you want without worrying about them dying because they are 0/10’s is something songhai needs (while at the same time not being a simple stat stick like hailstone). I don’t think its something revolutionary, but it covers up some of the weakness of not having minions that are heavy while also being relatively cheap minions.

So as result, the enemy either wastes resources clearing your 2-3 drop with 0/10 stats or they let it live and you can do whatever with them as they also have psuedo rush.

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What if, and humor me here, but what if I ignore your 1/4 and 2/4 build minions instead. Braxx was a bad card but let’s not pretend that your other build minions are actually threatening.

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Funny how the only faction to get a decent build deck happens to be Magmar.



They’re not meant to be threatening, they are resources, healing and draw. The threats are battle pando, dioltas, zendo and hamon. Is herald, mystic, soj or jammer a threat?

Also, t2 is a 1/5.


Can I send you my build kaleos list? It’s pretty similar to this but better imo

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You don’t even have to ask.


Might be a little less good now that old thunderboi nerfed but it should work pretty well

definitely a hard deck to pilot, but once you get rolling its hard to be stopped


I find it hard to justify thunderhorn, at 4/4 he just seems lackluster like you get one charge out of him and then that’s it.

Also, only 6 two drops with no ways to get back tempo unless you want to dump your hand for a wreath turn.

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The thing is that you can play thunder in the backlines and then blink him up next turn. He’s what gives you big tempo. They can’t approach you, because thunderhorn is slightly out of reach. But by running away, you have time to develop your build minions.
You often get big wreath turns because you can set up t2ks for card draw a few turns ago, dump your hand with wreath and clear board, then next turn draw 4 from the t2. T2 is a god and makes the deck playable.

I’ve played the deck with more and less two drops. I used to run katara but he is not worth it anymore. I may try kaido assassin or some neutral. It’s still a WIP


Here is one intense match I had with a wanderer ragnora player:




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