The thread where we take a look at bad cards and say why they are bad


Ok it was either this or a post about the most embarrassing things you’ve done in duelyst (heck I might still make a post about that) and I figured that this might be more useful since the next expansion is coming up. Hopefully this can help some of the newer players expand their knowledge of the game and create some interesting decks based on what’s mentioned here. And so instead of this being a please buff thread this is meant to be an analytical thread providing both evidence for claims and optimal plays with a card.

So to kick us off let’s start off with one of the most expensive cards: Blood
Blood Taura is a 12/12 neutral minion who’s cost is determined by your health (I.e with 0 health Blood Taura is 0 mana). Though it looks good on paper and synergies well with self-damage/burst healing decks it provides very little in terms of utility/immediate effect. It serves as a body block, is easily removable, and leaves your general very weak which is a huge risk in duelyst. Funnily enough it does provide a good indicator of when you’ve died since at 0 health it’s cost goes down to zero while in your action bar.


I already whined about Astral Crusader and a bunch of others, but I’ll go one more!

As long as Slo and Bloodtear Alchemist exist Silverguard Squire is going to be a bad card. It just has too little impact! It’s superceded by both for swarm decks, and even more so by the recently released Zyx! I think it just needs a little push in the form of a nice new Zeal ability.

Silverguard Squire
Lyonar Minion
1 Mana / 1 Attack / 3 Health
Zeal: The first time your General takes damage each turn, prevent 1 of it.

This change gives it an ability that is actually pretty strong at 1 Mana, helps push a Lyonar Artifact archetype and gives the Squire a place in the Zeal archetype to boot! Afterblaze on this little guy is pretty damn good, and the entire change makes buckets of sense from a thematic standpoint as well!

Imagine your General getting kitted up by their little Squire dude, it becomes kind of like a Warmachine-esque Attachment Solo! Very kawaii, much adorbs.

Agreed on Blood Taura btw, I really want to like it but it’s mostly just too much of a risk (right now anyway) in this game.


Zurael and Corpse Combustion. Since the spawns are random, you risk losing a lot of tempo if your minions end up too far to be relevant.

If these cards worked in the same way as Nether Summoning does, they would at least see play in less competetive, fun decks. Right now it’s “Why would I play a card that’s conditional AND not guaranteed to work even when conditions are met?”. You don’t want to throw a dice by playing a 5 mana card that will sometimes do almost nothing.


You beat me to the punch-- Corpse Combustion seems like a bad joke… released after Nether Summoning (a card not even played all that often) and is worse in every conceivable way. Ugh.

I have biases towards cards I used to love and were nerfed as being ‘totally terrible’ now, like Locke or Portal Guardian, but steering clear of those, my pick would be Golem Vanquisher.

Vanquisher’s ability is a textbook win-more ability, only impressive if you already have a good board of golems. The point of golems is their impressive stats and the goal behind a golem deck is to flood your opponent with stats-- big, chunky, golem stats. And Vanquisher is not threateningly statted. Furthermore, Vanquisher’s effect is not permanent. In some cases this is a good thing-- dispelling other golems on the field won’t remove their provoke-- but in practice more decks will have a rapid, easy response to a 2/4, but would be daunted if every golem you had managed to keep alive still had provoke after. Not to mention the golem strategy isn’t amazing anyway, particularly not in an aggro-dominated meta as the game has been for many months now. For being the only golem legendary, it’s just… disappointing ;.;


“Gotta love that Winterblade. For 4 mana, you can gain an entire +2 attack with the goal of not quite destroying whatever you attack.”

“But why wouldn’t you want to destroy the minion? Isn’t that a goal of the game?”

“Because if you fail to destroy the minion, you can stun it for a whole turn.”

“But don’t you have to deal with it next turn anyway?”

As far as I’m concerned, Winterblade is simply spirit reincarnated as a Vanar card.


On the topic of huge minions that Have almost no point, Silverbeak.
A 6 mana 6/9 card with no ability is one of the most disappointing minions I have ever come across. Without any ability(immediate or over-time) it lacks the impact that other 6 mana cards have. And without it being any special type of minion it can’t synergies with any specific minion type such as golem or arcanyst. All it has going for it are stats


Poor thing doesn’t even Fly T____T


Oserix is weird.

It’s a combo enabler, and all-around value provider, but the way it’s statted, it either
A) Wins the game
B) Does nothing

Although it does have interesting applications in a no-artifacts Corpse Combustion deck :thinking:


I think the issue with Oserix is Vetruvian has better late game cards that provide more value. Also if you’re playing an artifact deck then you should really be playing a lower curve combo artifact deck or atleast one that decides the game before 9 mana cores.

Oserix just comes out too late. If everything got toned down and it was a 5 or 6 drop then it might see more play.
Grincherz is pretty much what Oserix should be imo.


I like topics like this because people always name big, flashy, bad minions. Some of these even have the potential to be decent in some decks. But there’s so many other absolutely terrible cards that most people forget exist.

I want to talk about piercing mantis. When I started I thought he might be as good as mystic or primus fist. After all, he has the potential to get a lot of damage in! But after a few games, I found his effect to be so specific and easy to play around, and even when it does work a two damage frenzy doesn’t really do anything anyway. So in the end he’s just a bad helm of mechazor without the opening gambit.

Silver tongue corsair. A 3/3 for 3 that can’t be cleared by the enemy general must be good right? Except he has no effect on the board. More often than not you’re going to want to trade him with a minion anyway, and his effect is useless. At 3 health he dies to lots of stuff, so he usually just isn’t worth it.

The 6 mana 6/5 flying… I don’t even remember it’s name. Why would you pay 6 mana for a young flamewing with +1/+1?


Just as an fyi, Mantis used to be in literally every deck as a 2/3, it dominated the meta and kept Abyssian down and out. After the nerf it stayed gone except as a combo card in Songhai, where it has more or less stayed tho uncommon now.

And I like silvertongue :frowning:
Its a p great card early on, honestly. Requires a board or out of hand removal to get rid of as a 3 drop? Amaze.


Wow, I had no idea about 2/3 piercing mantis,bust it totally makes sense that it started as that. Very cool. I think maybe it could do with a buff to 3/2 now though, as its practically unplayable.


Echoing Shriek.

Does that card even exist? I’ve opened ~80 Shimzar packs and never seen it. I never had an opponent play it. What does it even acomplish?

I think it’s suppose to be a tech card for a meta that might never exist…


In terms of underwhelming low drops one musn’t forget the faction cards!
Earth Walker: 3 mana 3/3 grow +1/+1 at the start of your turn
Though it is A solid opener it’s effect seems to be too slow to do much in today’s meta (the fact that I keep getting it late game also doesn’t help)
Dance of dreams. To utilize this card effectively one must be playing a low curve deck, and with low curve minions being with generally low health it is hard to set up a play where you can get more than 1 prof with this card and is generally hard to utilize in any deck outside of zoo Magmar.
Rae is , essentially a zero cost ‘chance’ at dispelling the thing that you want or dispelling something worth less.
Fountain of youth provides little effect /benefits without a developed board. And even when used it lacks the value that other 2 mana vet spells have such as cosmic flesh or 2nd wish.
Silver guard squire was already mentioned
Sunstone Templar contributes to the control variant of lyonar but it does little else. With a 1/4 body it doesn’t provide a large enough body to warrant not hitting it with your general. It is easily killed at range and is surpassed by both windblade adept and azurite lion (why dispel something when you can kill it?)
Jade monk ,while solid with a 4/3 body, doesn’t really do much. It does 1 damage to a random enemy general when damaged and that 1 damage won’t clear anything outside of wraithlings, phanlanxar and minions with 1 health. Overall, it loses to killing edge in many Songhai decks


Unless more cards are introduced that support wraithling summons then echoing shriek doesn’t do anything. Plus only effecting minions that cost 2 mana or less is too limited to be used in a deck


Echoing shriek is a safety valve for if the game devolves to the point of being centered around low-cost minions

Storm Aratha is a gauntlet powerhouse >:?(


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