The Thirteen Magmar Aspects: Generals or Epic Minions?


The Magmari are divided into Thirteen Aspects, we are all familiar with Vaath The Immortal who regularily wrestles minions into submission and Starhorn The Seeker who is still seeking a better BBS. But there are also others: Valknu, Sargos’ advisor; Callixyon; Jhorxia; Kraigon; Ishtara; Ka’al; Ragnora; Taevarth; Yrsada; Nharmyth and Paarnax.

It is the last one that is of particular interest, since apparently his domain is Shim’Zar jungle and that is the name of the upcoming expansion. Though we have yet little idea why it is called the denizens of Shim’Zar, it seems peculiar that the recent codex names them together. Might Paarnax be included in this expansion?

So that got me thinking about further expansion of the game: How many more generals are going to be included? Will we get at least thirteen generals per faction so all Magmar aspects get to become generals or will some of these aspects be consolidated into legendary minions? (Or even more dramatic, will some of the Aspects have died in the meantime, a tragedy to the Magmari?)

Personally I’d love to see all the Magmar aspects be included as generals, just to have more diversity. But that might tax the developers immensely trying to find interesting Bloodborn spells and balancing them all.

So what do you think or would you like to see happen with the Thirteen Aspects?


I think they would become the Magmar equivalents of grandmaster z’ir or the rumoured grandmaster zendo. I mean, just imagine a minion giving all of your units AND general rebirth


Lore-wise, I think that they got lost/ went insane or assimilated into the other factions. Perhaps a lack of mana drove them mad and twisted their forms. Perhaps they aligned with the other factions. perhaps they broke down when they found out the true nature of the tree of Eyos…

Here is my speculation based on the locations where these characters are rumored to be and the current units:

  • Callixylon: Joined / died in the Songhai Empire and became Reva’s “Spirit Dragon”

  • Ka’al: Got assimilated by the Inxikrah (Abyssian) and became one of their big minions (Vorpeal Reaver? Cassyva’s Demon?)

  • Valknu: Got killed in the a war between Rasha and Sargos

  • Kragion/Ishtara/Ragnora: Became Calculator/Golden Justicar/built Mechazor and became Alter Rex

  • Jhorxia: Became Mirage master

  • Taevarth: Joined the Vanar Aspects and became their Aspect of the Drake

  • Nharmyth: Became Keeper of the Vale

  • Paarnax: Became Dreadnaught

  • Yrsada: Future Magmar unit? Magmar general number 3?

  • Vaath and Starhorn: Accounted for


Nice…not sure one some but interesting to see what they coud be ^^


I doubt many Aspect have died in the same period -unless they have been hunted-, they survived since the first bloom.

Starhorn alone could handle easily a enormous number of the Vanar Warrior, and nothing say he is the greatest Magmar Warrior. Some might be far more powerfull than him.

Something else : No Magmar would involved in a war, except Vaath if Magaari is attacked for some reason.


Mirage Masters are mechanical tho, built by the skilled hands of Atar Starstrider.


While a very interesting theory, from a narrative perspective it would be much less impactful if all of the other aspects were corrupted or killed. One aspect corrupted is an oh shit moment, all of them degenerated and corupted and you just make the aspects seem weak.

Is there any particular reason you think they became these things? I have my doubts because MIrage Master is mechanical as some people have said, Keeper of the vale is a clearly a horse, etc…


It seems logical, I mean, it’s not possible that all the story and all the faction’s fate involves only two generals. And if more generals would be included, why not some more aspects for magmar?

However, we heven’t heard anything about it this exansion nor we have seen some diferent mechanics besides batle pets. I think it’s unlikely to come in this expansion, but definatly in some other time.


Yeah, if extra generals are included in this expansion we haven’t heard anything about them.

Maybe they’ll be introduced later on, after the expansion is released and the cards are balanced? Like the second generals and BBS’ were.

From my perspective it seems immeasurably easier to first balance all the new cards and how they interact with the old generals and each other and then introducing generals whose BBS’ can be adjusted to the already balanced creatures.
As opposed to doing both at the same time.