The Swarm: My weekly deck list post


Big Abyss Death Watch:

Took it to S rank this Season.

This was the deck I mained for a long time. Then skorn came out, Vanar got aoe, and spellhai started taking over the meta, even Lyonar started playing more aggressive often running tempest. The deck needed to adapt. I traded out low health things other then jaxi, and packed in some healing to deal with the aggressive meta. The deck has drifted away from being a swarm deck and is just now Big Abyss, but is well prepared for the current meta.

Edit: Dropped Wraithling Swarm and Void Steal in favor of Blade and Kron.

Traded in Healing Mystic for Gor.

Still trying to figure out if I want to replace Kron. At the moment I have tossed a rite and two Bone Reapers, with zenrui nerfed reaper is a much safer pick and provides some missing tools. But Kron is still quite good for Lillith, he is just no longer mandatory and has given the slot some room to experiment with.

Now I still wanted a proper swarm deck but gone where the days of simply just trying to flood the field, the deck type needed to evolve to the current meta and thus the second deck was born, Heal Swarm.

After putting together my budget list, I noticed it would often preform better then some the older versions of my Big Abyss Deathwatch deck. The amount of extra healing in the deck lets it really do well in the current meta. It can really shut down Spellhai and other aggressive decks that would often be a hard match up for swarm. Puppy, and void steal have really helped out the archetype, making it to where you only need one or two wraithlings on the board to get some serious work done.

The deck now plays much more aggressively and is less reliant on developing a large board which cries when aoe shows up, or lasting until it can drop some of its bigger threats. It just throws down a couple things at a time to chip away at your opponent. It can still get those big old wins with deathfire cresendo if your opponent lets the board develop. Between the aggressive playstyle and the medium curve it gets away without needing draw power, other then a single Rite for late game hand refills.

Edit: Dropped one sister for a Rite of the Undervault. Trying out Lady Lock instead of sister/rite.

This deck looks to take a lot of advantage of wraithling spawns+Lady Locke for a provoke filled field, she also helps mitigate the skorn issue.

Other then Voidsteal shimzar did bring a couple other neat toys for swarm.
Instead of running late game stuff or death watch we try to get our wins with Shimzars new Blood Baorenete. A single surviving wraithling can suddenly turn into a monster with a fury or voidsteal+baron. Also a one cost pet off of inkhorn is great with lady Locke or void steal.

I once tried including abjucators to try and go all out for the combo plan. Being able to drop a buff and two barons on a wraithling letting it OTK your enemy was really cool, but it was a bit to gimicky. Even without Abjucator stuff you can still sometimes at 9 mana get that devastating 20 atk wraithling out of no where. I know it may seem like a crime to skip cresendo, but in this aoe laden meta it can be very hard to set up, blood baron allows for similar power with less set up.

Dropped inkhorn for whip, and ritual for revenant.

And finally the last deck, it’s a little bit gimmicky, but it may have more potential then I give it credit for. Since Void Steal is now absolutely mandatory I thought it would be fun to build around it a little. I missed Assassin, even though it’s sort of a mini Zenrui after its many nerfs abyss just couldn’t find room for it. Speaking of Zenrui the deck fits him as well. The idea is with Void Steal, blood sire, and darkfire sacrifice it becomes easy to abuse Assasin and Zenrui . It trades out tiger, the very powerful, but usually countered by aoe, Crescendo, and crescendos favorite target, Jaxi, in order to make room for the decks little tricks.

I have made it to S rank for several seasons now, barring some where I was only able to play around 20 games the entire month, even then I was still diamond. Since I have not had time to start streaming like I want, I figured I would just share some of my stuff each week and get my name out there so the community knows me a little better when I do eventually get around to it. If you would like to check out my previous post Masochistic Jutsu Part 2: The Dentist and Novocaine

Swarm abyssian deck list
Blistering scorn, the most oppressive card in the game

everyone that makes deck guide seems to have every card in the game ; - ;.

meanwhile i’m just sitting here stuck at diamond 4 with my garbage f2p deck which is mostly basic cards :(.


If you need budget I got you covered:


hmm, the abyssian deck you put there is the generic abyssian deck right? i checked it and immediately “blistering skorn” pop up to my mind.

i mean, you make it to S with that? that’s freaking amazing man. i didn’t know that generic deck is still viable. i might try it out, i’m currently in a Aburstsian deck that i made myself. i probably will check the generic deck.

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