The Strangest Archetype: Replace


There exists a total of five (maybe six) cards that have direct support for this archetype. Kron, Wings of Paradise, Aethermaster, White Widow, Astral Crusader, and sort-of-but-not-quite Dreamgazer. This is a huge shame, as Replace is (in my opinion at least) the most unique archetype in the game. It’s also vastly underwhelming because Dreamgazer and Astral Crusader are both barely playable memes. I tried to make a deck that had as much replace synergy as possible and made this:

Dreamgazer kinda works with Rancour.


Have you tested this at all?

You can actually use Starhorn and drop the Sojourners if you like, it’s been played against me before. Elder is an interesting pick here, but with flash I think it’s playable. The problem is flash is fairly useless otherwise. I think you’d find this deck better with Entropic Gaze and Elucidator instead of Tectonic Spikes and Amplification.

Also, did you notice you have no removal?

I haven’t seen one of these post RotBB, nice to see. I like the Rancour/Dreamgazer combo


No I haven’t. I was about to, but then I realized that I’m an idiot and should probably ask for some advice before burning spirit.


Everyone has to learn the difficult lesson of ‘don’t waste your spirit on memes’ at some point


So what removal would you suggest? Also, yeah I am proud of the Dreamgazer idea. This is pretty much the only deck that it works in, and it ties literally every part of this together. Also, I’m keeping the Amplification for the Flash-Amp combo. With the amount of draw and replace I have, it should be easy to be getting that combo off.


Nice idea :slight_smile: Apply this archetype to vaath is interesting, I tried this w Faie before, and it didn’t really work out well. I’d suggest replacing Amplification by Entropic Gaze, Sojourners by Thumping Wave (can either be a removal tool that you lack, or a great combination for lethal w Wings: at least 10 dmg, 12 if an Aethermaster is there…


Does replacing count as drawing a card? Vindicator would be pretty sweet then.


No. (15 characters)


Fractal rep seems like it could be good, if you don’t mind getting a little gimmicky.


Dreamgazer used to see play in Kara and Zirix back when it was a 2/2 and time maelstrom was a whole turn. It was really just overall good until it’s stats fell, and I don’t think it’s seen competetive play since. I’d love to see how this works, especially with widow and aethermaster


It’s a combo you see in gauntlet, but I feel there could be merit


I think Thumping Wave definitely has a place in your list. Not sure what you would take out to make room for it, but it is one of Magmars strongest cards IMO


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