The sound changes are awful - anyone else agree?


I’ve always felt like Duelyst has excellent sound effects, though they are reused a bit too often.

In the last patch, Chakri Avatar was updated from a sound effect that perfectly fit his animation and gave “oomph” to his attacks to a freakish and bizarre sound reminiscent of a sheep being slaughtered. Additionally, when minions are played on the board they no longer land with an emphatic “PHOOM!” but a light whiff effect.

Both of these are downgrades that have decreased my enjoyment of Duelyst, and I’d like to see them reverted. Or at least let people choose - some of us have grown very fond of how things worked before.


Not gonna lie, this made put a stupid grin on my face.


there’s only 1 point that i completely agree in your post.

i truly miss the earlier Songhai summoning sound, it was much nicer i really don’t like the change in the summoning sound


I usually play with my sound muted so this doesn’t really effect me


It’s only a Songhai summoning change? That really hurts. :frowning:


it’s just, i love how they are pushing things to be unique, like for every character to have their own attack sound.


I love the new chakri avatar sound, he sounds like an angry karate master, plus if this means that enteriley unique sound effects are made for each faction/ card I’m all for it, even if some sounds a bit iffy.

Because the rehashed sounds is getting tiring.


i think chakri mainly needs a lower volume since compared to all the other cards, he is loud and shrieky.


Can some one Please post a sound clip of chakri avatar attacking???


I think the biggest problem is with the new legendary card sounds which make this weird womp sound now, instead of their old impressive one… I think now some epics have the old legendary sound? Rite of the undervault seems to sound really weird as well. I think it was a downgrade in almost every aspect, and I wasnt sure if it wasnt just a bug


I really dislike the Chakri sound effect, it’s jarring and out of place. People yelling in a cheesy way doesn’t suit the game. We’re fighting with little dragons and robots, trying to make the human characters seem real kind of ruins the immersion. But maybe i’ll get used to it…


I’ve been playing the game totally muted for nearly 8 seasons now…I should check this out…:thinking:


You won’t regret it, Chakri makes one of the funniest noises I’ve ever heard. I now yell with him when he attacks, and always laugh after.


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