The Songhai Prophecy


Yo guys,
any recommended decks with songhai to get s rank?
mantra, backstab, eight gates? :slight_smile:
post it in here. thanks in advance ^^


This is a very fun deck. I could see it as Reva, but kaleos can do so much more with a dispelled Mechazor.


Kaleos or Reva which one do you prefer?


Here are the Songhai decks I’ve been playing with:

(Sparrowhawk is pretty good with Scroll bandit since it is an Arcanyst but shhhh… that’s a secret)


any just a songhai destroyer deck lul maybe something with mantra if possible


ChildishDanbino’s S rank Mantra combo list


Rise of the Songhai Empire.
Nice, good job guys. :grin:


How does that even work :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


More artifacts perhaps? Spear? So ghost lightning could wipe all 2 health minions.


For me it’s not working well enough even in silver. But maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Is there a discussion thread for this deck anywhere?


@alplod @reignzu @mmf
I’ve seen a replay of the deck against a wall Kara piloted by ChildishDanbino at S rank. It’s a very chill list, able to get off 6 mana spirals and 10 damage mantras, even when completely surrounded :grin:. It’s so about resource preservation


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