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The snags are back and it brings a friend

It has taken away a numberous games of mine, both in gaunnlet and ranked
Sometimes it booked me 2 matches at the same time.I can accept when the bug hits in ranked, lose a match, doesn’t matter to me.
but it hits right in a gaunlet match where as if i lose, i lose the run, right at the moment that is so close to the end of the game.
I had lethal at that point, after the opponent played his turn, it was my turn but my client showed it was his turn, minions in my action bar were grey and i couldn’t do anything. I waited for the countdown timer ran to the end. But it was actually my timer, later i restarted the web page, checked my profile and saw i have lost the match.
I talked to my opponent, he was using windows client and i am using chrome to play, maybe that could help the devs somehow
I’m sorry for grammar mistakes or you have hard time reading the text
I hope this problem will be delivered asap to the devs and i’m looking forward to a hotfix ( + a balance patch if possible)

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