The silly names compendium


Some of the Duelyst units have pretty silly names in the game’s files. I want to share some of them with you!

Lysian Brawler = Silver Man Evan Guard
Whiplash = Sepukku (yes, it is spelled that way)
Battle Panddo = Panda Bear 02
Oserix = Anubis
Imperial Mechanyst = Palace Trinketeer
Portal Guardian = Zodiac 02
Fiend = Remora (fish!?)
Glacial Elemental = Snowman
Borean Bear = Waterbear
Sanguinar = Dagona (lovecraft!?)
Primus Fist = Gauntlet Master
Sojourner = (Mercenary) Gambit Girl
Alcuin Loremaster = (Mercenary) Sightless Farseer

Arcane Heart = Twilight Surge
Psionic Strike = Psionic Recall
Abyssal Scar = Taint
(Variax) Abyssal Scar = Super Taint
Pandamonium = Ursamonsoon
Obliterate = Veil of Unraveling
Dance of Dreams = Mana Burn (rip :cry: )

(un-named green dude) = Vex
(old tutorial teacher) = Caliber-o

Black Keeper of the Vale = Keeper of the Value
Doge Songhai = Dogehai

Personal Favourites: Sepukku, Gambit Girl, Ursamonsoon, Mana Burn


Really :smile: ? Which file? It is still called Meltdown in the “units” file under resources.


sorry I haven’t read the first sentence ooops


I like how Sarlac the Eternal is called “Sunstone Maiden” in the files, and it’s on the group “f1” of the lyonar units.


Orb Weaver is called Dunecaster and Dunecaster is called Orb Weaver.

And Rocky is called (monster?) exploding demon.


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