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Hey there my dudes. Casual here again with a deck for those with spirit to burn. This sh*t is high cost but boy does it do damage. I’ve been running this deck for a few months and its really done some work for me. I’ve never seen an Alabaster Titan deck that works but the potential burst drop was too seductive for me to pass up.

While the deck focuses on Alabaster Titan, it runs much deeper than that. Constant sustain and buffs for your minions with a steady stream of draw keeps the energy and flow on your side for the majority of the game. Basically everything you play warrants removal but you never really get shutdown for it.

At the beginning of the game I recommend keeping every Sunrise Cleric you draw as long as you only have one. Sure, this old man can combo with incredible ease with Lady Locke and Surgeforger, but that’s not the reason. Sunriser is honestly what absolutely dominates the field mid game as you build up your force for the inevitable Titan drop. That Hallowed Ground is the easiest way to proc it’s ability. If you’re lucky enough to have a Scintilla, we’re talking 6 damage to everything around it. Early, I recommend keeping Wild Taur if you’re up against Magmar, Sunstone Templar for Vanar and Vetruvian. The rest generally don’t have anything besides hard removal using spells that early so you don’t need anything in particular.

Generally you always want to get Surgeforger out before Lady Locke because the +2/2 to whatever you summon gives some major meat to the Provoke. As you progress your minions should slowly snowball despite Dispel and removal. The most important thing to remember is protecting your minions 5+ mana on even if that means taking big hits to your general. You need atleast one or two minions on the field when you play Alabaster to really milk that cow. When your general really starts to hurt, combo Reliquarian on Alabaster and get 5 health back ez.

Minion substitutions based on personal preference goes as follows: Dreamgazer, Prophet of the White Palm, Azure Herald, Carcynus, Shiro Puppydragon, Bastion, Spelljammer, and Ruby Rifter.

If you really /REALLY/ want more buff, do not bother with Wind Runner, get Mirkblood Devourer. I’ve never really found myself in a position needing an Ironclad or EMP. If you need more damage before Alabaster, switch out War Exorcist with Bonereaper. And if you never find yourself using Reliquarian aim for more draw or heal. I can’t stress this enough however, you HAVE to be willing to take big hits on your general. Save your minions for the late game quick kill.

Showcase game of snowball- https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-Lc2HisMJAUtXvvQ4yV6

Previous decks:

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Deck looks fun and quirky, do you want to add it to https://duelspot.com maybe? :slight_smile:


Yeah I’ve only come across two or three in matchmaking sadly. But sure I don’t mind :slight_smile:

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I’ve wanted to add a couple decks to Duelspot, but it takes a lot of time and effort, and the “save deck as a draft” feature doesn’t work…

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Neat deck, I’m glad to see people finding a use for Reliquarian in more varied factions. For your post on Duelspot, you need to update the decklist image with the actual PNG (https://i.imgur.com/IjGvlMd.png) instead of the imgur page link.

Saving as a draft absolutely does work. To find your saved drafts, you need to go to My Decks > Edit > Drafts.


Thanks was wondering why. :smile:

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Mech Titan
Btw, @boronian is a master of Titan Mech, you should definitely watch his replays here, you’ll see how powerful the deck is.

Heal Titan

I’m too lazy to look for Strategos Titan, which can be pretty powerful. Classic Titan has several iterations on Duelspot, all are very solid.

That said, your iteration is fresh and looks fun. Well done!


I’ve been dying to see them played well by other people! Never seen Sterope used well in a deck but putting it here is a really good idea. Might have to give that a try. Thanks!


See my comment, I edited it simultaneosly with your reply :slight_smile:


Wow, thanks! I just didn’t realize that page existed.

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From my experience, the biggest problem with alabaster decks are backline things such as bloodtide priestess, Ki Beholders, Kujata, etc. You need things like sterope / sunbreaker / EMP to deal with that stuff.


I have streamed around 8 titan games the past two days. I also built a competitive list I will be bringing to MDL one of the weeks. If you want a list let me know.

I really like your thinking in your deck! I will certainly try out a slightly altered version of it.

Was looking through your other decks and you have a knack for thinking of creative things! Optimization takes some experience and time though.


You are too nice to me and I have to say I am not a master (like @rhacker93) but I feel comfortable with the deck :slight_smile:


I’m personally against EMP because that’s a turn you use to summon over Alabaster. Sterope however is a really good idea and I’m actually gonna try it out! But for the most part I’ve always had a Sunstone or Sunriser on the field already(if not Ephemeral), and they’ve dispatched the backline. If not, my opponent has wasted removal on them and I’m up on their side of the field so when they summon their backline I’m already there.

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Hit me up with that list man!

And thanks! Let me know how it works out for you. Building decks is honestly 90% of the fun for me.

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