The separate uses of shadow creep


Shadow creep is an interesting archetype, but shadow creep in itself has its own kind of archetypes, and there are some rarely used shadow creep cards due to the fact that these two uses work differently. There are resource and positonal based shadow creep.

Resource based creep
This is the shadow creep style that you see now. Basically, these types of cards depend on the number of creep you have, it doesn’t matter where it is, just the simple fact that you have it, you can just vomit creep on the board and get value wherever it is.

Cards that fall under this category:
Abbysal juggernaut
Ghost azalea
And of course obliterate

Positional based creep
These types of cards are basically the opposite of resource based, which is the reason they are rarely used. Cards that depend on where your creep is, rather than how much you have. You want your creep to spawn in certain places rather then spawning as much as you can wherever possible.

These cards include:
Darkspine elemental
Night fiend
And the most important card for this type, shadow nova.

Now I have some ideas for how positional based creep could become more viable.
Maybe you could have a cheap but powerful flying minion, that reads “if this minion is not standing on shadow creep, destroy it”

Perhaps a spell that would spawn a wraithling on all shadow creep tiles in 3x3 area (or some similar restricted summoning effect)

More cards like night fiend obviously.

Some type of effect that buffs friendly minions standing on shadow creep.

Some kind of card that effects a targeted shadow creep tile, then removes said tile.


I really like the idea of minions that are much stronger if standing on shadow creep, also like the idea of the flying minion that can only survie on top of creep


Are flying minions affected by shadow creep too? Never really thought of it as I dont pls any.


I love the idea of the flying minion ! I’m really interested in Creep Decks so I’ll definitely make one post expansion, no matter their viablity after.


Yes, I love all of these ideas. I hope that CP pushes for more positional shadow creep cards, they seem much more interesting than obliterate and azalea.
Some ideas of mine:

Shadow Upheaval
3 mana spell
Destroy a friendly shadow creep tile and any minion on it.

Shadow Teleportation
1 mana spell
Push a friendly shadow creep tile and any minion on it to any space on the battlefield.
(Clarification: they are pushed together. If no minion is on the tile, it can be pushed to an occupied space)

Shadow Guard
3 mana 3/4
You can summon minions on friendly shadow creep.


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