The sad Magmar crying thread


I’m pretty upset about the final reveal of all the new bloodborn cards. I know I’m not the only one who feels that Magmar was shafted once again, considering it seems like we got the weakest cards of the bunch, no kind of synergy save for aggro and more drawpower (which…what? Why? WHO’S ASKING FOR THIS?) and now we are the only faction without a grandmaster. My feeling are really hurt and looking at all the cards I’m pretty certain I’m not going to be able to make it back to diamond this month.

Feel free to argue with me, or help my suffering by joining with me for a Dinosaur sized cry. Either way misery loves company

The Happy All Things Duelyst Celebration Thread!

I like the cards personally. VALKNU IS NY NEW BAE.


Wouldn’t it be weird for the faction defined by the specific set of brothers to have a grand master? Is Valknu one of the brothers? I’m not good with names in this lore.


Sure the cards are cool and I can’t wait to try Valknu but if you notice They are heavily under powered compared to the cards the other factions received. I’m honestly started to believe that Counterplay Actually does hate magmar.


Maybe he is, or equivalent to a grandmaster but that is still the only thing we got. I’ve played four matches so far and lost 3 of them to abyssians new grandmaster. It doesn’t help that I only got a single magmar card from the 6 orbs i opened.


I dunno, there’s some good self harm synergy there, I think it’s worth trying out Rancour and buffing it up with the card draw cards for example.


Magmar’s cards are honestly pushing the drawmar archetype or a little lack lustre but Magmar doesn’t need those stupid powerful cards other than that beautiful legendary that doubles your attack.


Who needs a grandmaster when you got VALKNU’S SEAL BOI? I’ve been trying it out in my control vaath and it’s crazy if it works, insanely powerful.


yeah, until he gets P&P’ed (Pinged and punished) :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


Magmar is really strong right now and is easily one of the winners of this expansion, drogon/entropic gaze/rancour are all very powerful; I’ve been using these cards on ladder and they all seem very good. To say these cards are under powered compared to what everyone else got is just plain wrong. in fact, entropic gaze is a massively powerful card and a card that is easily a 3x staple in all Mag decks from aggro - control. From the looks of it all these cards do is just bolster Magmar as the “premier” mid-range faction of duelyst

truthfully if CP hates any faction its Vetruvian they hate


Abyssian players got punish, meanwhile I cry in a corner with entropic decay, lucky bastards!


Trouble is his effect stays, and its his effect tats dangerous. Turning all wraithlings into 5/5s for 3 mana. WTF


Are you kidding me. Songhai and Vet got absolutely shafted this expansion. They didn’t get a single op card whereas mag got rancour (best 2 drop in game) and enthropic gaze. Also i wouldn’t be complaining about variax, if you lose game to him you probably could have lost to obliterate and revenants a turn sooner if they had played that instead.

This thread further solidifies my view that mag players below S are a bunch of whiners.


I actually think Magmar got some pretty strong cards… For me the problem is not the power level of the cards in comparison to other factions (despite Abyssian looking like the clear winner in this expansion), but that every single Magmar card appears to be pushing more towards aggromar, which I particularly dislike… Sure, there’s Valknu, which is probably the only exception, and you can use Drogon as a finisher in more controlish solo decks, but all in all, we basically got a ton of new aggro enablers…
EDIT: ofc time can prove me wrong


Once again, expansion has been out for 3 hours. Lets let a generous amount of time set before we start examining the basics of the new meta game.


Aggromar seems pretty strong. It’s not too hard to imagine Magmar drawing two-three entropic gazes per game, which equals a lot of face damage, on top of their elucidator + makantor spam. Funnily enough, Vindicator could make a comeback. If you don’t answer it immediately, the threat of entropic gaze and/or tectonic spikes is very threatening.


Aggro Mar, and Anti Draw mar are now insane. I just went from diamond to S this evening had like 5 losses total from diamond 5 to S with AntiDraw Starhorn. Its crazy powerful. Like Reva level bad out of hand damage.

Then I have not even touched the new Pain Aggro with the crazy potential of the two drop.

Control Vath rejoices with drogar as an amazing finisher.

Thrax adds flood support.

Valknu is meh, but who cares the rest is amazing.

AggroMar probably just became the tier 0 number one deck. Control Vaath got some great tools, and has the option of running draw. Anti Draw starhorn went from trash tier to tier 1. Overall patch is amazing, yea sadly they neglected rebirth/egg (Although Valknu has potential with egg stuff.) but overall Magmar made off great. Yea I am sad they were pushed towards aggro but control is still in great shape, and starhorn is finally not only viable but possibly number one.

However…I have spent the last few months defending Magmars out of hand damage as balanced and having a reasonable amount interaction and counter-play since it was all based on rush which has limited reach, and is countered by provoke/nightwatcher. But these new draw spell finishers are nearly as unhealthy as SpellHai Reva in her dominant phase. Whether its overpowered or not is yet to be seen, but as always I am against lots of out of hand damage that can not be interacted with, because it goes against the core principal of the game, the grid. Now add this to their rush/burst combos and its officially unhealthy.

Now that I am already S I will sadly likely put down Starhorn in disgust despite always loving him before he was considered good.

State of the Magmar 12/5/2016 Time to be concerned?

Tried Starhorn Decimus and Spikes. Burst is definitely scary.

I’m sure people are not really complaining about the power of cards. The problem is more that there is not really a lot of new interesting effects. Except Valknu, Magmar pretty much got more attack buff and card draw.


I don’t mean to be rude, but this is just patently false and I suggest you reevaluate whether the cards are actually bad or just don’t mesh with what you personally enjoy playing.


i also agree aggro millmar can be pretty disgusting. i don’t know how well it fares against other aggro decks but the burst damage output is just insane. definitely a very strong counter against control decks

i’ve been tinkering around with starhorn for a couple of games and i’m already getting complaints from other people :stuck_out_tongue:

on a side note, i do hope better healing options are on their way in the near future. staying alive against all the potential burst out there feels pretty damn difficult at the moment.