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The road to zendo

As you can see here this is a combo I pulled out in a game by “mistake” and I wanted to make it into a deck of its own. the idea is to lower inner focus and KE by a few Mana points and dropping on 6/7 a zendo + inner focus + KE into 14 dmg follow up by a spiral (if needed).
However - everything I tried went to the trash some mostly because of bad draw.

Can you help me putting a good deck that give you a god zendo turn?



Been a while since I played Songhai, but here’s what I think:

  • It’s not gonna work. Most decks involving lowering spell costs with Abjudicator to do meme combos do not work. Except mantra
  • A (pseudo) meme that could be better would be, imo, this:

    You play midrange Kaleos to gain board. On 6 mana, drop Zendo. Run away. Zendo gets removed, but the other general can’t chase after you, because of Zendo magic. Drop Zurael. Run away. Repeat. If a Zendo isn’t removed, use Killing Edge.

Not really that much of a songhai deckbuilder but hey:
have you considered obscuring blow?

It’s got synergy with KE, cheaper, and it’s a free card if it was abjudicator-ed :smiley:
your total damage would now be (3+ OB * 2+ KE * 4) * (IE +1)

Might need to bring a ton of draw

edit: Zendo will be able to IF into buffed generals too :smiley: so that’s pretty nice

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