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The Return of Quillrage - S Rank 12


I have just hit S rank 12 this season with it today! In celebration, I have changed my name to Ynhybytor (Opposite of Catalyst, replaced the Is with Ys), and have updated the deck with the most updated version of the list. Keep in mind that as the meta shapes with the most recent card changes, this list may not be as optimized as time passes.


I find myself losing with this a lot.

I understand the combos and the win cons, but I don’t understand how it wins.

I’ve lost quite a bit of rating.

Seems like if I don’t draw perfectly I just brick and lose.



The deck’s primary game plan to win is to establish and maintain a board to finish the game via one of the win conditions. In most cases, you really just need one minion to stick (Ripper Egg, Lavaslasher, Quillbeast for example) to deal massive damage to your opponent. It is vitally important to know how to hold onto combo pieces (for example, I try to keep 1 Bloodrage in hand if I know it is necessary to win the matchup, such as against Vetruvian. At the same time, if I know I can use Quillbeast or Greater Fortitude to maintain the board, I will go for that play in most cases rather than save them for a combo play).

Is there any particular matchup that you are having trouble with, or any particular cards that seem to be underperforming/you find to be replacing a lot in your games?



Literally the bane of my existence every patch I ever play.

Blood of Air, Rasha’s, and Thunderhorn / Lost in the Desert and really if any card, Falcius, just straight up cuck me out of establishing anything, and if I stay greedy and hold on to cards they just end up dropping too much to deal w/ early on.

This is like in D5-2 range. Some games I just pop off and then other games I’m auto conceding when out of gas.

It’s my favorite deck to play out of all the Magmar stuff I’ve been reading about recently, just unsure if I suck or if it bricks basically, I’m gonna always lean toward me sucking though.


As far as cards I replace goes… I haven’t run in to anything out of your list where I’m like "This sucks"
except maybe rebuke

In fact, as unsure as I was about inceptor, that card is fucking amazing for closing out a game.


Against Vetruvian, I tend to lean heavily on Blood Rage as a win condition, as they tend to play a lot of minions on the board to increase the procs from Quillbeast. I tend to rely less on Makantor nowadays due to Superior Mirage, although I think it is a bit safer to use in the matchup now that Revannent has been nerfed/sees a lot less play.

When playing as P2, be wary on how you position your minions (especially a ragebinder) against an early Falcius. Rippers can be very useful to deal with Obelysks, and against Thunderhorn you have to be aware of A.) how to efficiently clear it and B.) How to abuse the enemy Thunderorn in cases where you have Blood Rage in hand. To me, Thunderhorn can be very similar to Luminous Charge in the sense that it’s ability can actually benefit your win condition.

I have not ran into a lot of Rasha’s curse, but if you seem to keep running into them, I would suggest dropping Twin Fang (although I don’t think that Rasha’s can be heavily punishing if you are able to get a big hit off of it). I would recommend teching in Tectonic Spikes if you find yourself running out of gas quickly, and possibly sub in Young Silithars to give you stronger and more consistent early-game options.

If you want to improve your matchup against Vetruvian, Saurian Finality may actually be your best bet, as it can do a lot in the late game to swing the match in your favor.


My friend, without interceptor, this deck probably wouldn’t win as many games as it would. Interceptor is one of the most dangerous flash-able cards out there. it makes a turn 3 lethal possible. I wish I was kidding.


Just a bump to keep that thread open for new changes and discussions :slight_smile:


A deck type I am certainly quite fond of and have been experimenting with for awhile, although you do have some odd choices.

Thunderhorn is a solid card but without some sort of synergy I think there are better options, if ya want to keep him I wouldn’t cut thumping.

I personally really like inceptor, and usually more then morinkhur, but I am rarely able to find room for more then egg morph unless I am pretty dedicated to the egg plan.

Blood/Fang are complimentary cards but the decks you build around them tend to look a bit different as fang loves rebuke, but blood hates it and prefers skorn.

Crypto is pretty strong for ragnora but I love my kujatas and they have a bunch of extra synergy here, maybe I should try running without them but I am skeptical.

Here are my current renditions and my confidence in them is growing, they will likely make it onto my thread in the not to distant future.


I know, Artifact hunter is far stranger then any of your picks, and its a recent change. I just found the deck really wanted fangs and needed just a touch more card advantage and that covered both. Rest of the deck is usual midrange magmar+body spam for fang. Kujata+Replicant can do some crazy things with fang.


The bloodrage variant favors sticky minons and a lot of them in order to make sure you can actually set up a blood play which is often quite difficult. And as I mentioned earlier it favors skorn over rebuke.


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