The return of OTK Songhai


Yeah, just met a guy who done a combo Tusk Boar + Saber + Saber + Mirror Meld with easy 6 mana and 16 damage to the face. Does that mean the infamous OTK combo has return with its new, improved form?

In the past when the Lantern Fox is still at its peak, people complaint so much about them so that they got a totally rework, basically a deadly combo that Fox + Inner Focus + Multiple Seal or Killing Edge, result an out-of-nowhere combo that can deal about 12~18 damage with the cost about 7 mana, but now the combo is Tusk Boar + Mirror Meld with the same 2 card but cost 1 less mana which is a lot easier to do, although the downside is the Boar will return to your hand in the next turn rather than stand on the board and keep the enemy in pressure (although I think that the combo is mostly the end of the game). Does this strategy need to be nerfed?

Oh I forgot, the mirror boar will likely return to your hand too.


I got a tusk boar KILLING EDGE mirror mirror to the face for 18, so yeah.


Tusk Boarless Songhai player here. It is a bit painful. I’ve had it happen to me just once. It does take multiple cards though. If you pressure the Songhai player, they probably can’t afford to save all those cards in their hand for very long. If they just happen to draw them the turn they had the mana… Well, it definitely hurts. Not sure it needs a nerf though yet. Just don’t let them stall the game out to the point where they can consider waiting for a huge combo. That or keep your general protected (understandably not always possible).


It’s very different from old Lantern Fox. The difference is that old Lantern Fox’ secondary ability (another 3/3 celerity body somewhere else random) was so hard to manage. If you dropped the first body behind you and the second also appeared out of reach, your opponent would need 2 ranged removal spells or serious AoE on their turn, which would likely cost them all their mana. It was this ability to force a tempo loss or get faced for full otk the next turn that made old fox so deadly-- ofc at 9 mana you could pull the whole combo out of hand (fox, if, mds, ke-- or multiple saberspine seals instead) but the point was you didnt need to play it out of hand.

This current form of burst is much less threatening. By its very design, boar cant be left on the board for a turn to set up an otk. And mirror meld isnt the best of spells outside of the combo, which is an issue particularly for Songhai decks since they have a need to be very efficient with their cards. I personally doubt the combo will see much play.

As a tip to the wise, if it does see much play, I think it will be due to Aethermasters. They are also something amazing to play mirror meld on, and if by some miracle you get a white widow or kron to live a turn, aethermasters plus mirror meld can generate value fast. I had dreams of replacehai being great when Shimzar first came out but I couldnt make it feel right. Maybe someone else will unlock the magic though.


Yeah, but the Songhai now have some very useful draw engine such as Spelljammer and especially Xho, that battle pet really f*ck me up. And because this is a out-of-nowhere combo so its really hard to protect my general too.


I do mention the thing about pressure on board in my post, but it doesn’t make the combo less painful. And in the past about 60-70% of the fox combo will end the game, so the downside is acceptable.

About Mirror Meld, that spell can be a nightmare if you let 1 chakri or heartseeker survive to the next turn though.


As a songhai main I can most definitely tell you, you are correct. I recently played a heartseeker+inner focus+ 2 killng edges+mirror meld. Leaving me with two 9-5 ranged characters, not even a holy immolation was able to save my opponent. Mirror Meld has definitely become my new favorite spell. As far as tusk, saber, saber is concerned that can definitely be really frustrating, personally I still hate the overall rush mechanic or really just saber in general. It’s so frustrated to execute a gameplan or have complete board control and losing the game all because of the damn tiger, especially considering all classes have at least one buff spell if i’m not mistaken.


4 cards and 6 mana for 16 damage? That sounds fair tbh.


During his second turn, my opponent has to face 3 7/8 chakri (all from hand). Mirror Melt and chakri can explode very fast. But it happens only one time like this (based on lot of games)


16 damage is like 2 spiral in an instant, and it doesn’t even need 16 mana to play their 2, I cannot think its fair enough. Could you explain your opinion more?


You need four cards, two of which you can only run 3 of in your deck total, so it’s kinda inconsistent and, again, takes 4 cards (which is a lot)


As I say the combo can do almost anything the old Fox combo can do, and if the Fox combo was struck down, this combo need a nerf too, or maybe the other faction can have deadly combo like this as well (already see people complain so much about Obliterate).
About the card that needed to create the combo, they aren’t limited to only this combo, Tusk Boar can do a work for a 2 drop and a Saberspine. Mirror Meld is just insane when combined with other 2 drop like Chakri and Heartseeker AND Xho, which the latter one is very strong as a combo-generating. The pre-Shimzar Songhai already have strong damage bursting with the Fox, and now you can choose either Tusk or Fox, and their are independent from the other (Fox + Focus, Tusk + Mirror).


Elaborate “old fox combo” plz?


Huh? :v
The old Lantern Fox (before its reworked) is a 5 mana 3/3 that have Celerity and Opening Gambit that create a copy of itself in a random space on board, so basically Fox + Inner Focus + Saber (or x2 Saber?, or Killing Edge?) can give you about 12 or 18 damage with 6 or 7 mana, if that damage isn’t enough to end the game (but its mostly do), you still have another fox ready to active in the next turn, or even have the fox that attacked this turn survive if you give them Killing Edge.


But that was when you drew two cards eot, so 4 card combos were MUCH easier. Right?


I am a bit confused. What is “eot”? And much easier than what?


End of turn. Basically, all combos at that time were easier to assemble. Now, four cards is a lot harder to get (than it used to be). So, combos are different and new meld boar doesn’t need nerf.


Ah yes, but some card like Xho exist to make the combo become viable though.
The Shimzar just released 4 days, maybe its too fast to say what card need to be nerfed. So just wait there and see.


Well, that’s true. Exciting times ahead, that’s for sure!