The return of Common keys?


I’ve been asking myself yersteday, have monthly common key crate returned?
I just spoke to my brother yersteday who also happens to play the game as well, and he told me that he mannaged to get the monthly “complete 15 quests” common key crate quest back.

Why didn’t I get it as well?


Bump anyone?

15 chars


Does your brother play on a regular basis? Because if he doesn’t he could have had the quest waiting to get finished since the last time it got implemented in the ingame quest list.


oh that may be it, do you guys confirm there’s no longer common keys to get?


The quest to get common keys is gone for now and may or may not return. But you can still get free keys (common or better) by winning 12 times in the gauntlet.


I believe I’ve heard Thanatos state that they give the monthly common key quest every so often, meaning it’s not guaranteed to be given out monthly.


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