The ranking system is harsh too fast?


so i have been playing the game for half a month and I love it but I’ve been stuck in rank 20 for a while because i would reach 17 and have losing streak (i blame the matchmaking sometimes but it’s a new game not enough players) but my point is losing your rank should start at 10 not 20 in this rank losing one win steak each lose sounds fair to me
what do you think?
ps: ponctuation can go to hell XD


Why draw the line at 10? Why not change the ranking system so you never lose ranks? I mean, losing feels horrible enough as it is, why should we suffer even more by losing our hard acquired ranks? Maybe we could even improve on that by removing the monthly ladder reset. The reset is even worse than losing in a normal game because you will lose the rank you got and there’s literally nothing you can do about it. I agree with you OP, some changes need to be made.

Sadly, I doubt those changes will ever happen so only thing left to do is to improve at the game and beat that flawed ranking system with the raw skill alone! Luckily for you, if you need tips in how to improve you’re just in the right place.


no the idea of losing win streaks and ranks is very good but not that early because if you remove it it would indecate how much you play not your skill. but I agree that some changes are needed


I believe the system is good as is, However i dont believe in high ranking players having to lose soo much rank when season resets.


It’s hilarious how raqyee just stepped his sarcasm game up and pretends to be all friendly and understanding now because people hated on his former way more cynic sarcasm.

The fanboyism aside: Did you already change your deck as people suggested in your other thread?
There are some good tutorials on positioning and deckbuilding:

Should help you getting gud. The ladder really isn’t hard or anything until diamond, and even there it’s way easier to climb rn than it used to, due to all the new players and some top ones not playing that much recently.


Your general idea looks like the topic “split the silver rank in two”.

For sure there is a gap between lvl 20 and lvl 15 in silver and loose the win streak is frustrating but for me the win streak is a reward.
A reward for your skill and your constructed deck. If you start to loose some rank, you have to think about your play and your mistakes.
The fact is Duelyst is a competitive game and you need to learn so you can’t be too permissive. In this case, people don’t try to be better and just play game after game after game…


I see your idea but such unforgiving system isn’t good with such matchmaking it ruins the game for new comers such as me. it would work if you wuld be facing players with similar skill most of the time.


well ranking is ok but your point raised made me realize… since they plan on releasing new expansions every 4-6 months i believe it would be nice to do a hard reset when a expansion is released make everyone above to directly go to rank 20 because that would make it harder for those regular s-rank players to seem like they are Gods of duelyst they keep beating the same “tier” of persons so to have them down at 20 with us seasoned duelyst would make life more challenging for them.


The thing is: Duelysts ranking system is made very well outside of S-Rank shenanigans. Reason being the following: In most games, the ladder is just an eloladder from the bottom to the top, and a win and a loss always give you points in relation to your opponents ranking. That means, since there are no winstreaks, and since you are matched up with persons around your elo-rating, you need a winrate slightly above 50% to climb up. In Duelyst, your winrate can be very low (even like 10%) and you can still climb to higher divisions, due to winstreaks. That is what Winstreaks are there for, they motivate casual players and newcomers, by catapulting them into higher divisions than they really are skillwise. That stops in Diamond since that is where Casual play is supposed to stop and people compete to get into S-Rank, where the best players are supposed to fight each other - in an elo ladder system (that doesn’t work properly atm but yeah). It makes perfect sense tbh.

Put in another way: duelysts ranking system is already really damn forgiving compared to other games due to the existence of winstreaks. And you definitely are facing players with about equal skill most of the time, the only reason why you aren’t would be that you only left bronze due to being lucky with streaks, but not actually being good enough to leave it :stuck_out_tongue: .


The “you can’t fall out of your current division” policy is what creates this situation.

Suppose you are a player with a skill level that is barely good enough for the average gold player. You create a new deck and it clicks, you get a winning streak going and you hit rank 10. But you aren’t REALLY good enough to be in the middle of the gold tier. You are going to face stiffer competition and lose a lot. Since you can’t drop below 10, this gives you a certain amount of freedom – at some point the losses only hurt your ego, they don’t matter in game. But it can contribute to this feeling of hitting “walls” every time you go up a division.

An alternative would be to remove these floors and just reward people at the end of the season based on the highest rank achieved, wherever they end up. This would allow people to “push” to get more rewards but also let players whose skill is marginal or variable play more games against their peers.

Of course there are other potential problems with this as well, such as people hitting S-Rank and then throwing a bunch of games to drop down to silver and pwn newbies.


That is actually untrue since it doesn’t matter for an S rank player whether they start at 20 or 10. They just breeze through the ranks destroying bronze/silver players as they go. That kind of reset is in fact more frustrating to the lower rank players and at one point the system worked just as you described until the devs realised that and set it to reset to 11.

As for the OPs question, the simple answer is no. The system is fair compared to most games. You just recently started so you lack the experience and understanding of how the game works. You are mostly matched with players of the same caliber so no complaints there.

I say just give it time, treat it more casually and try to learn from mistakes.
You can get all the information you need right here as the community is quite friendly and ready to offer help. The more you play and learn the better you will get and will eventually start climbing.
The winning streaks especially help to climb if you can emphasise on the them.

I wish you good luck friend.


i am currently in that situation…

i just reached diamond (first month playing…) and i must admit i am getting destroyed…

I dont know if your solution would help… this system(the one currently implemented) takes out big losing streaks as a factor meaning going tilt doesn’t have that big of an impact… but it can give a disheartening feeling, if you cant compete with the bigger boys, take it from one who knows it…


That’s exactly what happened to me in August.

September I was away most of the month. This month, I deliberately went slowly, trying out different decks and staying in silver until yesterday. Doing this allows you to tinker more, and get more gold from wins. When you are ready to go to gold you will know it.

Remember that it doesn’t matter when you get to a rank. Also, the rewards are non-linear: you get an epic at silver, legendary at gold, but only a rare at diamond. So really, diamond hardly matters unless you can get to S-rank, and diamond is where the toughest competition is.

That said, don’t leave ranking up until the very end of the month. If you are rank 12 and want to get to 10 on the very last day you will be fighting hundreds of other people trying to do the same.


yeah that actually sounds right


Basically exactly what I was going to say :slight_smile:


At Rank 5 you don’t even GET win streaks. You have to rank up by just earning each chevron one by one.

The fact that you can’t fall out of the division at all is generous enough as it is.

It can get frustrating but just look at each game as a learning opportunity and you’ll start rising soon enough. Also study other decks and see how yours compares.