The Purification Crusade


How is that board clear?


Read the invisible text


Still not good enough >_>
But again, I encourage you to do it :slight_smile:


I did unpack a 2nd Zoetic charm, I will surely consider it.


Play artisajj, it is a fun deck.


So, when can we expect Plasma storm nerf to 6? plz, i cant get my gate out in time


Unless Mag becomes tier 0 and everyone is playing it then no.


Silver is fckin infested with Vaath, like yesterday faced Vaath like 5 times in a row, today is the same. How is one supposed to test their new Abyss deck when Vaath just runs around getting Bangles from Grincher and Plasma-ing your board without drawback?


I found this Lethal rather amusing, It is probably rather simple to find but I felt like sharing it anyway. Can anybody spot it?


Play Shadowdancer on far right wall (doesn’t really matter where, just away from Thunderhorn branching)
Hit enemy face with general and 3/3.
Move both Thunderhorn and Rescue-RX up two spaces.
Use BBS.
Attack enemy Thunderhorn with Rescue-RX, killing 5 of your minions. GAME


Play dancer behind the top ravager, move Thorn and rx 2 up, move ravager 2 forqard, swing with ravager, bbs, swing with RX into general, move to top left with your general and hit face.


Yep, you guys got it. If I had more cards in my hand maybe it would’ve been harder, or maybe not it wasn’t that hard after all :sweat_smile:


anyone got extinction event to work?


I’ll make it work if people vote for it!


I’ve seen Rhacker use it with success, I have no idea what his deck was sadly.


i cant think of any combos with it, considering a good number of rebirth and hatch methods were rotated out… Spell seems like a win-more card, which in that case you’d rather run worldcore golems instead


I decided that I’m going to make a draft account, then when playing against AI I was getting really annoyed that I was misplaying.


I had kinda similar lethals with grimwar several times.




Is that… infinite Sarlacs in Lyonar!?