The Purification Crusade


Teehee, soon all will meet their demise.


jay is innocent. he is but a simple vessel for alpha to get his shit on forums since he only posts on reddit


Jay is a cunt, he should never have done that.

Love you Jay, no homo maybe.


None of my suggestions, huh?



@awesomeguyeah yeet onederas sister best girl


I have no idea what this is about so I’m gonna assume that she is a loli.


wow the ladder is salty today
second time today someone friends just to shit talk

for context he was playing wanderer ragnora and i was playing creep cassy


People who play wanderer are always the saltiest fsr.


you had suggestions?


@oranos lol


Never rage


Paulcroaker seems to flame whoever he loses against and says he is unlucky while they are a lucky noob, There has been posts on discord about him.


Not all wanderers tho.

Not by a longshot


A lot of wanderers though.


I can get a little salty, but I never babyrage on people. Ive seen too much rage and ccg bs to get triggered.

The extent of my salt is " aw come on"


Legit, my extent is “Oh goddamnit, you just had to replace into that, didnt you.” Too many salty children online these days, maybe mommy should put them to bed a little sooner.


@loliconartist @cloudfrog @ANYONEWHOUSESMYNAMEASAPUN

Only I’m allowed to do that!


See, you cant see much worse until you lose to your opponent getting griselbrand reanimated on one or getting opalescence t1 win in a tournament for munies repeatedly

cant get worse by a LONGSHOT


What if we are just staying it as a term and not a pun?


You know this isn’t the case.