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Seeing @alplod pick Flareon just reminded me of the whole Twitch plays Pokemon thing from a few years ago.


I actually love all eevee evolutions, but it’s so hard to get. If it could be caught, I’d definitely play a party composed of them.


I like most of the eevee evolutions but some of them require a bit too much effort to be worth getting. Don’t know about the fairy type one since I think that was the gen I stopped playing or the one after. Played up to gen 5. Think pretty much the only way to get a party full in single player (without trading) is getting a free eevee from Bill and then breeding it with ditto to get another 5. Which is a lot of effort in my eyes.


You could just breed it with anything which shares it’s egg group… which is the most common one.


How to get out of silver.


Wait this isn’t google.


Or breed it with Pimp Daddy Ditto as always.


Labbing a similar deck currently.


You can always ask @galaxydueler how to get out of Gold.


Yay, I finished reading everything, pokemon is water, pokemon is overlord of the planet nimzar, pokemon, pokemon, pokezemon, oaklemon, [dazed muttering]…


I see you prefer earlier generations. I approve.


how to kill phayze

wait this isnt google


Nice jo-wait a minute.


day 2
p a t c h w e n :triumph:


This post number reflects my awesomeness.


You know what also reflects?

This deck.


how does this even activate nemeton


It doesn’t, nemetown is for consistency.


umm…how does he provide consistency, if he literally is a brick in hand