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Play 2 maelstroms in the same turn to get 2 more turns instantly. Was that possible?


Ok stop chitchatting and just duke it out like real schoolboys (ironic that 2 youngest forum members are going on a serious debate)


It took me a solid 2 minutes of reading to realize you guys were talking about Pokemon.


You could play one, use up that turn and then play another yeah. I think.


I think what he meant was:

Somehow significantly reduce the cost of 2 old Maelstroms,
Play them both in the same turn,
End up taking two additional turns in a row.

@alexx55 for confirmation


Exactly what I had in mind, since it works like that in any other game with an Another turn mechanic(ok not so sure for magic)


Vanguard has repeat turn mechanics, but all the abilities that do that make it pretty much impossible to pull it off more than once.


Well, there is a certain boss battle in HS, that allows you to go infinite turns with the right setup


step 1: play time maelstrom.

step 2: end your turn. Your mana refreshes and you draw a card.

step 3: repeat step one if you have another Time Maelstrom in hand.

step 4: profit…



Perfect Spheres. The pokemon that’s closest to a pillow.


Clown from it. Need I say more?


Mud? Kip!


The second most MERCA pokemon next to the ice cream




Radest pokemon


Pant’s Bro has great pants


All hail lord Helix!




The prettiest pokemon


A great addition for those who like to collect them all


I didn’t chose based on gameplay, but this guy’s just disgusting


Behold, the majestic tiger!


I always go for the smolest pumkin


Everyone likes this guy to be black or white, but no one appreciates Kyrem for itself


This one’s so lazy, it’s genius


I used to have a dog named Deino, before the pokemon was released.


That ain’t no fairy!


Fixed it for ya


haven’t seen you in awhile ^^


I simply have more memories with KyuremB but he was definitely my next choice, he is just so fun.


My favourite Pokémon is Nicol Bolas.


My favorite Pokemon is Blue-Eyes White Dragon.


I think you meant Agumon


Let’s be real here, we all know that Blue-peeps white dragon is objectively the best Pokemon.


blue peeps whitey dragon

gimme your cards old n****


I’m a bit late to the party, but still wanna participate:

I have to say, I never played Pokemon competitively, just single player, and my knowledge ends with 4 th generation, and a bit of fifth.

Choices are mostly made designwise, not powerwise, I just put Pokemon I liked to play for personal reasons. Personal reasons usually included interesting type matching and cuteness.

I also like Bug, Ghost and Grass types without any reason.


p a t c h w e n :triumph: