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Lasrt time I checked that wasn’t the definition of double switching in doubles. :thonk:


I was just saying, there’s more depth to it because they could switch OR double switch


Same with switching and not switching even though the safe play is to switch.


except times 2, because there’s 2 pokes on each side


Games in singles on average have tripple the turns that doubles have.


because of AOE…

speaking of AOE, wide guard also becomes an option

do you tech for AOE by giving up a slot for wide guard?

wide guard wins games, but only when it does. Makes sense?


There are also plenty of techs in singles like teching Brick Break and moving nack to Physical Sharpedo with psychic fangs to remove Aurora Veil.


what exactly would you run instead of brick break? it’s a very good fighting STAB, especially since it breaks screen

its not a tech if you would run it even when the thing you’re “teching” for isn’t in the meta


No, no it’s not, Screens aren’t enough to warrant running a move that weakens your killing power, you would run literally anything else with high power. It only appeared because of Aurora Veil.


what other fighting stab do you run


Drain Punch, Super power, Mach Punch, HJK or CC those are the only fighting moves run except like no guard dynamic punch or no guard cross chop.


This excludes the special ones as they are irrelevant in this convo.


i forgot about drain punch to be honest, I’ll give you that

some builds can’t afford the attack loss, so unless you’re playing marshadow that might not be the best choice

has lower killing power than brick break, priority is a different niche altogether

High Jump Kick users are typically frail, so its pretty risky. Do you HJK and risk breaking your sash?

the debuff is dangerous, this lets low power moves hit you for more which is always scary

These need specific setups to work, but I will say that these are better choices than brick break if you’re already running no guard. BTW, dynamic punch is almost always better, cross chop is a “hey maybe ill kill them in one hit thats cool”, dynamic punch is always a heavy hit, then the guaranteed confusion will usually force a switch

Is drain punch’s extra power worth giving up in order to break the screen? I’d say so

but i have to take this with a grain of salt because doubles is a different format. HJK isn’t used much in doubles because breaking a sash is always death when 2 pokes can target it. protect is usually a safe bet. Mach punch is usually used FOR breaking a sash because priority, so that’s useful. debuffs are much more dangerous in doubles, so CC is iffy
and if you’re running something squishy with HJK without sash it’s dead anyways fyi


Reading all this makes me scared to take the dive.

Oh, also, guys:

Can I fucking die now?


Debuffs in singles rarely matter, especially when you can instantly knock out a threat.

Missing already sucks so missing HJK only matters marginally more not to mention that HJK users don’t run sash in singles.

Mach Punch is rarely used to outright kill a threat but instead used as a way to revenge kill an already low one

To top it off CC is out right one of the best moves in the game, most users of this move are fast and frail so they typically want to kill something and switch out to get more kills later or stay in and punch a hole through it’s answers, staying in with these kinds of mons rarely works so debuffs don’t matter. Superpower is the same just the attack loss could matter in some cases.


The divide between VGC and Smogon players is real but most players play Smogon anyways, VGC is an interesting format that I would want to get into but Smogon feels more fair and rewarding, I also get to choose what power level of mons I want to play and Smogon has tiers that you simply can’t play in normal games.

Check them both out but Smogon is a lot easier to get into.


yeah like i said, different metas different formats

protect was also run a lot more in doubles i forgot to mention

fast and frail HJK or CC users are a lot more uncommon in doubles because 2 mons can double up and murder them, or things like earthquake and blizzard on the same turn, kill them, then do a sizable chunk to the other mon
so sash is usually used because 2 AOE is uncommon because wide guard eats your entire turn, so then an AOE and a single target move would be required to kill them, but HJK messes with sash


It’s like another language


I am quite frightened.


I know, it’s on most mons.

You disregarded a tech as what it is and never even stated this point, all you said was:

Don’t worry, we are still friends we are just having a heated debate about a 75 base power fighting type move.