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The Purification Crusade


I have all the time in the world rn, dont know about you though


I can teach you to be able to play comfortably over the next 2 weeks then when I have less to do we can get into more technical things.


Ah its all right, I just thought it might be funny if full ditto teams are viable.


Full Ditto teams can only be played in AG where they aren’t.

They also instantly lose to substitute.


Thanks for the knowledge :+1:


iteration three, huh


Hello again, @kelvindagr8.


I would like to learn how to poke the mans.

If that coo with you of course


Guys, could old Time Maelstrom stack?


Stack in what sense?


Yes, you could chain multiple Pre-nerf Time Maelstroms to take three or even four turns in a row.


It is absolutely fine, I’m ready whenever you’re.


excuse me, I’m the one that made top 16 in worlds, why are you the teacher?


Because I want to teach him in the most balanced players.

I was also considered to one of the best players in the tier I play, being able to easily best anyone without a sweat if I care enough to try.


Because you’re good, and he thinks he’s good


loud coughing


I boast but I have the ability, the higher skill the more bragging rights you have.

We have skills in completely different formats but Singles > Doubles.

I would trash you in singles and the other way around for doubles but players who play Smogon are overall better players as it’s more balanced and has longer games that reward correct reads more.


I don’t boast, but i should because hahaha i got prizes nerd, did you?

I’d argue doubles is more skillful because you have 2 opposing threats to answer, while also noticing that the board can be instantly switched up if the opponent double switches, then you’re in trouble.

I’d argue reading a double switch would be VERY REWARDING. People who play smogon are playing smogon. People who play VGC are playing the official format. It’s like saying I’d trash @isgopet in modded melee. Doesn’t mean I’m better than him at melee, now does it? (I’m not actually good at any form of melee just an example)


It’s almost like it’s my point.

I never said I’m better than you, just explaining why I should coach him, ultimately it’s upto him to decide if he wants to play singles or doubles.

Making corrects read in singles can and will win you the game, luck is also a smaller factor as yoy don’t have to worry about 2 threats.

There are simply more decisions to be made as games consistently go on for longer and them double switching is the exact same as switching, the board completely changes and the same with momentum.

I was actually never one to participate in tournaments as I wasn’t ready to make that time commitment and only now after my 6 month break I finally feel ready, it’s the same with Duelyst, people here consider me to be a good player but I don’t llay in tournaments.


fair enough, he should play doubles though

i disagree. 2 mons are there, so one may switch and the other may shell smash or something, start setting up, and punish the read of a double switch. There’s more decisions to be made here