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Of course you could’ve traded with someone to get Alakazam, but I wasn’t that advanced back then :smiley:

Also, dayumm those season 1 anime Kadabra/Sabrina episodes


Everyone here have all of these personal memories with their fav mons and I’m like “Mann I really like the CroCune set and that is why it’s my fav mon.” No joke though, that is why.


You just gave me PTSD flashbacks of the same texture

disclaimer not my gameplay


So I’ve never been a huge Pokemon fan, but a friend got me Pokemon X back when that came out. Early-ish in the game I ran into a Helioptile and feel in love. He’s adorable, I didn’t have any electric Pokemon yet, and he HEALS when hit with water. Needles to say I immediately made him team leader over my starters and we went on Pokemon based adventures for the rest of the game.


I’m pretty sure Helioptile is not a flying type…


Oh boy here we go. Please note, I have played every generation EXCEPT 5.

Most pokemon I like are based around their designs and a smidge around whether or not I think I can make them somewhat viable in a competitive scene (which I can’t, lul). Also, Sun/Moon made a really good impression on me.

Some of these were harder to pick than others, since I really like some types more than others. There are a lot of Fighting, Psychic, Dark, Ghost and Poison types I like. I don’t like many Grass (I used to), Fire, Water, Electric, and Ice types. Also, in case you didn’t notice, I tend to like bipedal/humanoid designs more than others.

Let's get into the nitty gritty

GRASS: Decidueye.
Although I don’t tend to favor starter pokemon (I like pokemon I feel like I earned, although I’d just breed it anyhow) AND I used to like a lot of Grass types, I’ve kinda stopped liking a lot of them. I REALLY like owls though, and Decidueye’s ascetic is really awesome. Sold.

FIRE: Salazzle
Not much competition here. I kinda like Infernape, Houndoom and Pyroar but none of them even come close to Salazzle.

WATER: Golisopod
Golisopod is probably one of my top 5 favorite pokemon. He’s a jolly giant and I love 'im. I was really temped to put Wishiwashi here, I really like that pokemon. Otherwise I don’t like many other water types. Shout-out to my old pal Octillery I guess. I could’ve put Golisopod in the Bug section instead but I opted for another bug that I like a little bit more than Wishiwashi.

NORMAL: Zangoose
One of my favorite pokemon by far. I don’t really understand why, but I really like him. It also really helps that I love his hidden ability Toxic Boost.

ELECTRIC: Heliolisk
Not many electric types I like. Lots of normal types I like. Heliolisk is really cool. Easy enough.

PSYCHIC: Gallade
There are a lot of Psychic types I like: Galade, Alakazam, Malamar, Espeon, Gardevoir, Azelf and Victini. Gallade is the only one that I use on a regular basis aside from Espeon. I just wish he had a better ability and didn’t have a pillow butt.

FIGHTING: Hawlucha
My man, Hawlucha! Love this guy. At first I didn’t care much for 'em but that changed very fast. I like his looks, his moves and the personality in his animations. I worked very hard to get myself a shiny one and I treasure it greatly. Put this mofo in Pokken and I’ll have no choice but to go buy that game. I still love a lot of other fighting pokemon, but Hawlucha tops them all. Easily in my top 5, if not top 3.

ROCK: Minior
I like Minior’s ability, and the potential it has with shell smash. Shame it’s hard to pull off. I still love this guy though. I was temped to put Ricki Carbink here, but I like Minior just a bit more.

GROUND: Marowak
I can’t really explain it, but I’ve really liked Marowak ever since R/B and never stopped. The shining star of my Trick Room team.

FLYING: Noivern
Honestly, Noivern is my favorite dragon type too. Most flying type pokemon are kinda underwhemling IMO or they’re more notable for the other type they bring with them, so Noivern is slotted in here.

BUG: Ninjask
As I stated before, Golisopod could’ve been put here but I opted to put Ninjask here since I like him just a bit more than Wishiwashi.

POISON: Dragalge
Dragalge grew on me over time. I really like a lot of poison types but most of them just aren’t very good (sorry Toxicroak! I still love you!). Other honorable mentions include Drapion, Toxapex, Crobat and Venusaur. Honestly, Dragalge isn’t as good as Toxapex or Mega Venusaur, but Dragalge’s design grew on me a lot to push it above them.

DARK: Scrafty
This was a close call with Absol being a super close 2nd place. There are a lot of other Dark types that are nifty, but none of them ever find a place in a team. Scrafty just barely beats out Absol purely because so many people love Absol already. I’ve seen a lot of hate for my baggy pants friend and I’m giving him some love here.

GHOST: Spiritomb
I’ve had a strange fascination with Spiritomb ever since it was released. I also have a shiny one of it now, further cementing how much I like it. Not much to say really.

ICE: Alolan Ninetales
I have trouble liking a lot of ice types. They’re so… lackluster. I like some of their designs, but it’s hard to find uses for them. Alolan Ninetales isn’t perfect, but she’s beautiful, a cool type combination and an improvement on a Gen1 pokemon I already liked.

STEEL: Foretress
Not the most useful or visually pleasing pokemon, but I have fond memories of this pokemon in the G/S days and still like 'em. Not many other steel types I really care for, so this one’s going to the nostalgia vote.

DRAGON: Kommo-o
Cool design and I’ve always wanted a Fighting/Dragon. It’s not quite as cool as I wanted a fighting/dragon to be, but it works!

FAIRY: Wigglytuff
Another nostalgia vote here. I liked Wigglytuff back in the day and still kinda like 'em. I don’t use him anymore but the memories are enough. Second place is a tie between Carbink and Ribombee.


Are you trying to tell me that Helioptile can’t fly with those ears?


You missed out man, it’s the only generation I truly enjoy as a game and not just the mons/competitive seen.

The story in this game is genuinely good and when you look into it the arguments people use for calling the evil team hypocrites fall flat. It’s a genuinely solid game and I reccommend playing it, at least emulate it if not buy it. (Note there is sequels to BW, just want to tell you to be safe)


Alright here we go, are you ready for the long haul?


Generation 3 has consistently the best pool of Pokemon for competitive play and overall aesthetic and Breloom is no different, Grass type is my second favourite type and Breloom was the mon that represented me becoming better than my coach as it was the mon that I used to always consistently beat him. Weather it was Suicide Lead or Spore Punch I could always have fun with it.


There isn’t many fire types that I like but this was a close call between Victini and Darmanitan, they both really represented me becoming good at UU in generation 5 and 6.


So I once accidentally qued into randoms and I got this CroCune set and uh… I kinda instantly became obsessed with this mon, this mon was how I made a name for myself in CAP and was always a solid wincondition which could reliably set-up on mons like Cyclohm and instantly win, infact it invalidates half the cast and was sleeper OP in generation 6.

The reason why Mega-Mane and Golbat are here, this team was fire and worked surprisingly well http://pokepast.es/1d919eda8d8fa66f. I created so many fond memories and won so many games with this, I made a name and created rivalries with this team.

More to come soon but here are some links going over why I love some of these mons.

-Tapu Lele-


P.S That replay is legitimately me showing that I have the biggest brain to my opponent. (who was my rival at the time)

P.S @longshot405 If you ever want to get good at competitive Pokemon I can coach you!


Finished updating my reasons for the pokemon I chose.

@epicflygon I have a good understanding of competitive pokemon but I can’t bring myself to want to play it that way. I don’t enjoy the game as much as I do when I’m playing by my terms. In other words, I’m voluntarily handicapping myself to a point that I’m losing consistently to anyone who actually does play competitively. It’s kinda turned me off from it. I’ll still play the game and make my favorite pokemon as good as possible (I’m not going to slack off making them the best they can be), but I only ever play friendlies (which I haven’t for almost a year now).

EDIT: Did you seriously name the Landorus-Therian after me? I’m honored. DID YOU PUT ME ON A TEAM WITH ISBEE?! We need to have a talk.


If you ever get the motivation to I’m willing to coach you.

The reason why I play competitively is the drive to be the best. I actually wonder what made you play “competitively” in the past as I find it hard to see motivation.

And I also took a really long hiatus from Polemon competitively, infact a six month break.


My reasons for wanting to play competitively was two fold.

  1. I really wanted to make my favorite pokemon beat up overrated pokemon and prove that mine could still be good.
  2. I’m a completionist. When I learned how to make my pokemon as good as I could, I had to at least do something with them. I didn’t want to just leave them in a box or on my team and beat up generic CPUs.

Sadly, this wasn’t enough motivation to stick with it. It quickly became not worth the effort. Not to mention I have tremendous anxiety about competitive gameplay. Actually, now that I think about it, the anxiety is the main reason I stopped. My heart gets to racing much too fast when I play games with strangers and I can’t find a way to distance myself mentally from it.


For the past replay
Smh it took you 25 turns to get to six mana.
Cant believe someone who would blood tear a chakri avatar and not finish it off was your rival smh.
How would one make a competetive ditto team :thonk:


And as always Makantor Warbeast ending the game.

In a meta where set-up sweepers are common.


Huh? What? I don’t know what’s happening…


Well I’m sorry that I like everyone here.


So golden magikarp sweep? And wuzza sweep? How do they work?


Okay let’s delve into Ditto theory:

If you have a team that is really weak to set-up sweepers you can run Ditto to deter them from setting up.

Alternatively in a meta where there is a very powerful set-up sweeper that is on most things you can run this.


:sweat: I think I need to know a bit more basics about how pokemon works.


I can teach you everything you will ever need to know and more but it will take awhile.