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Then magic it is


how small can i get


…I could say something about this…but I won’t…because I’m better than that. :smirk:


Copy and Paste or Quote whole post, both work.


but I’m not

small enough that no girl would ever find out


No, he wrote in actual english, the font just looks like Kanjis


Damn it phayze.




Who else is watching the Eurovision?


wait shit when’s that again?
also is ragnora a girl? i mean, she does lay eggs and shit. does that mean ragnora bbs is pretty much ovulate. that’s just messed up.


The Eurovision is a singing competition which each country in the European Union and the continent Europe has a repersentative(s) that participate.

And no, all Magmar are male.


mah dude

unless you’re just pluggin it for everybody else, that’s cool but also


WTF are you saying? This post makes no sense.


so u telling me they have an inward dick to self-fertilize those eggs


He doesn’t lay Eggs, CPG logic.


i’m just asking when will eurovision happen. cause i wanna watch the livestream lol


It’s on now.

Vote for Ireland plz, they have the best performance.


okay okay. so ragnora summons a magic dong on the other side of the continent, and uses that dong to grab fertilized egg, and hatch it in the battlefield got it.


Yeah, makes sense.


damn it, they’ve all performed :frowning: guess i’ll just watch the replay. don’t tell me who wins