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The Purification Crusade







I didn’t vote because I personally prefer Apache attack helicopters. The options didn’t reflect any aspects of them.


wait… so your saying apache helicoptors arent people :sweat:



I’m gonna propose this question and tag @loliconartist: Is liking traps gay?


today a girl came up to me and slapped me in the face. I didnt say / do anything to her

im confused


Clearly she is a sadist and likes you.


can’t tell if there’s 3 sadistic girls in my class that like me or if theres 3 girls that just dislike me


to clarify, there’s not 3 girls that slapped me, just 3 that are mean to me and sometimes throw things at me / threaten to kill me / yell at me


Nah they just Tsun’s.

Unless they enjoy the act of violence and do it exclusively for that reason they aren’t a sadist.


tsuns in my christian school :rage:


Apache attack helicopters do not have butts, boobs, nor personalities. They are machines.

Glory to mankind.


there I fixed it, you are welcome.


no no no



I may not be able to visit the forums anywhere near as often as I have been, my phone broke and itll be a while before I go get a new one.

Seeyall next time, comrades.:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


How did you read any of that when all of the small text is written in another language? :sweat:


When you maintain the balance, you learn to understand everything.


I call bullshit, I would’ve accepted ‘magic’ as a reasonable answer :upside_down_face:.