The Purification Crusade


I watched the replay and the guy apparently got upset that he couldn’t answer a Mnemovore for several turns and lost half (only half) of his deck. Things could’ve been way worse for him so he doesn’t really have a reason to rage here, although you really never should rage under any circumstances anyway.

@isbee, I hope that guy didn’t bother you too much. For some reason I’ve been seeing more toxic players lately too :cry:


toxic players will always exist, its just a matter of ignoring them.


Thanks for the sentiment…nah, I am very rarely affected by others’ anger or bad manners. I focus on context, and given the nature of this game, I fully expect to have bile spewed at me every once in a while. I only have one short life here on this plane of existence, so I have chosen to make the most of it by being polite and understanding within reasonable terms and conditions…even in situations where maybe I shouldn’t.

And if I see no amicable recourse in a given interaction, I will simply stop wasting my time and apply my finite resources to more worthy endeavors.

But…as many of you may well know…that’s just my personal preference…:sunglasses: :sirpenti:


So you’re really not friends huh


Like seriously? Not even by


Not even by a longshot AAAAAAAYE


Y’all thought we had it rough with Meditate…

What the literal fuck, dudes…


I don’t see the problem with OTKs, it’s what they do beforehand.


It’s not a problem normally, but if it is as consistent as some say…imagine EVERY SINGLE GAME being played with this. It wouldn’t actually get to 100% saturation, I am sure…but even 25% would be frustrating. Losing doesn’t even bother me that much, but I enjoy playing card games with people, not watching my match like a spectator.


I guess it is because I’m a yugioh player but I’m honestly fine with decks having an extremely consistent OTK.


There are a crazy number of combinations in MTG, too.

I don’t fault anyone for enjoying such things. Just my feelings. :sirpenti:


I don’t care much for OTKs, but I have issues with decks that cheat you out of your turn with long animation queues and infinite card cycles that don’t actually accomplish anything besides wasting time.


Jee, I wonder who told everyone about that kind of deck, cough @eurasianjay cough.


Something something broke the game something something don’t tell the devs something something nerf Songhai?


Why have I been summoned BabyRage!



I’m keeping you away from discord.


I refuse to acknowledge this as a meme thread until the title is changed.


what time is it?


  • meme thread 3: the sequal nobody asked for but everyone expected
  • keep the name
  • [meme]this is the thread that never ends
  • type @phayze to join
  • changed
  • master thread
  • waifus and morons
  • we need a fixed post for undying threads
  • you know why your here :wink:
  • the bottomless pit
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  • memes are never the answer
  • except when they are
  • the reason people avoid the forums
  • flygons trap
  • first rule about meme thread
  • always talk about meme thread
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  • rick astleys greatest hits
  • i just love POLL(S)

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It is missing “Flygon’s cult”.


no its not

flygons trap is right there