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The Purification Crusade


Nope, when I played the untransformed Scarzig he stayed untransformed.


Hmmm…@devs plz fix


oh gosh, it’s finally here!

time to lay low from Duelyst for a while


is that a path of exile/BloDiab -esque game?


Took me moment, then the laughing started


lol, more akin to the Baldur’s Gate series.
if you like D&D stuff, you’ll like PoE.


Those were pretty good games for their time.


most PoE players are definitely fans of BG and Obsidian did good work by introducing PoE in 2015

they say BG2 is still better but both games are different and good on their own



I have not played the baldurs gate games but i love Divinity original sin 2 which I’ve heard is a lot like them


DOS2 is closer to BG2, it seems from what I’ve read. I haven’t played DOS2.


Is 1xDFC 2xGrimwar good for a Swarm deck, or should I wait till I get 2:2 spread


it’s an amazing game. If you like top-down rpgs get it


I know I’m an artist myself, but I’m commissioning any pixel artist who can do an avatar I drew up and has a “sipping on tea” animation. Is there anyone proficient with pixel art and could you pm me your rates? Thanks <3


I wanna say I can and then do it for free, but I don’t even know the name of a pixel art program ;-;


Yet you’re a design god :anger:
Well I do draw the more excessively complicated body part known as the boob on a daily basis so I’m supposed to also know how to draw a couple of pixels… But I don’t.


You know, I believe I will! It does look like my kind of game. Thanks for the recommendation. :sunglasses:


Do you want to have an answer-or-die, but easily removable body after your burst damage, or more resilience against AoE? Choose accordingly, and try to have 3x of one or the other. Or sometimes both, even. My swarm decks generally run between 6 to 9 wincons, consistency is key so you can know what the main goal of your game plan is going to be.


So if you already have 2x Grimwar, I’d even craft a third one before getting more DFCs. It’s a really useful card for Lilithe in general.


Design god is that he won the create a card contest, art is not needed.