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Wedding rings are a ploy by Debeers to sell worthless diamonds!!!


or you can buy a ruby/emerald/gemless ring or something


Your fiance will either be ecstatic or supremely disappointed


Anybody here want to talk about something for an hour or so?

This commute will be the death of me.


Well, this is as good a place as any to talk about stuff. Why not introduce a topic?


Hmmm, how about…the meaning of life.

BUT! There is a twist.


We will establish some constraints around this conversation which is the assumption that the meaning of life is individual happiness.

From there, I wonder what is happiness, what distinguishes good happiness and bad happiness? Is there even a such thing as good happiness?


Take for example drug use. People who use highly toxic drugs such as meth or ecstasy find great happiness in their use of those drugs regardless of long term consequences on their health. They are happy so why do we try to stop them and give them help, they are happy, right? Isn’t that what matters?

Some people find their happiness within romantic relationships and others through drug usage.

Obviously, I am not trying to advocate the legalization of these drugs, but I thought it an interesting question.


Short term happiness at the cost of long term unhappiness is usually not worth it.


Hmm…good or bad happiness…:thinking:

We are somewhat limited in our assessment of what defines happiness in others.

I am a little preoccupied with my local election day. Will comment further later.


I see you guys finally decided on a name while I was gone, also I’m back.



Purify yourself, IMMEDIATELY



Taste the pillow, IMMEDIATELY!!!!!


I think fulfillment should be considered instead of happiness. I’m not quite sure how to define fulfillment exactly, but I think that people can find meaning in life by working towards some tangible goal that will increase the life for themselves and others, even if it means suffering in the short term

Now, “improving the life for themselves and others” is really vague, and some can argue that terrorists think they are working to better humanity when they commit the atrocities they do, but I think I’ll leave questions of morality to more qualified philosophers

For me, at least, I find that I am truelly fulfilled when I am working towards something that can benefit humanity as a whole, including myself. This is as small as trying to make my friends laugh and have fun, or playing a minuscule role in determining humanity’s future by volunteering.


Should I go prepare the gasoline and lighter?


You should go get the wood, hammer and nails


I’ll add the Crown of Thorns to it.


We have to lash them 39 times first.


I put this in the Locust thread already but I’m fighting unholy abomination with unholy abomination in these meme team threads.


Apparently “transform Scarzigs ANYWHERE” does not include Scarzigs in your action bar.


Doesnt plaing him transform into 4/8