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The Purification Crusade


Have a little more faith comrade,

If I posted something from the lord’s…

… Personal collection…

these mortals would be broken

and I would have no one to play with


Please preserve my innocence.


lol it’s not that hard. i barely glance here and it makes sense to me.

also hot fucking damn, the stupid pillow shit isn’t over yet? i’m kind of proud for creating something that has caused this much pain, but also frustrated because, well, you know.


You know, I really did forget you started this whole thing.


if yall actually do want this to stop, just ignore it. when i was doing this it was to get a rise out of people. don’t feed the trolls good advice, in this case.


The lord of lewdness is not so easily broken!
The pillows pathetic pithy collection pales in comparison to my power incomprehensible!


Found a banger off of Spotify recommendeds, which are usually trash.


Very well, I will unveil part of the lord’s collection just to prove a point to this fool:




My counter will be strong


The pillow is soft and has zero posability. It immediately loses to my new love. She has over 28 points of articulation!

As my mother said: I couldn’t get a girlfriend, so I just built one.


Stay away from me!


ever had a moment when you have an easy lethal but you fucking play the wrong goddamn card?



Some times the past is discovered…anew.

The spoilers are back

FCK HER. welp, now on to Sans


Sans is ness.


I do. Sometimes


I used to play it (stopped because my friends stopped and it is boring alone). Mained Ezmo.


battlerite could use more variance with the arena. it’s fun but it gets more niche as you realize it’s more of fighting game that demands perfect execution and less of an enjoyable party game with a high skill ceiling. treat it like the latter, and it’ll get boring fast.


Don’t you guys just love it when your stomach betrays you?


I thought he’s breaking her finger.

Yeah, I’m married.