The Purification Crusade


Is he related to sun tzu?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Teacher: How to make and keep friends.
Me to my friends: And 100 other hilarious jokes.
Everyone at my table laughs.


you have friends?


that was but the first of those 101 jokes


…as their souls melt away into the darkest abyss of dispair.


If you are a huge fan of ginger like me, this shit right here has some serious bite.

Quite tasty!


@humancalc got u my boi

sorry for the t2 background guy


I think this thread has already surpassed the last thread in total number of memes


but half of them are quotes from other threads so they dont count


Most of them are before my time, so I’m counting them


You know what? It’s a new topic and I know it’s going to happen again, so I’m nipping it in the bud:

I hate Isbee. I’m going to say super rude things to and about him. Why? Contractual obligations. If you’re still concerned or have no idea why, don’t worry, he asked for it.

Isbee, don’t bother replying to this message you degenerate, cross-eyed, like-sucking dumb-butt. Go away.

There. I don’t want anyone getting confused or upset about the things I’ll say about Isbee for the entirety of this topic. :angry:


The great war rages on.








I mean, what can I say…he’s not wrong about the deck. :sirpenti:


Which specific kind of bullshit do you value?


What deck that was? Aggro Zirix?


Nothing better then some good old fashioned rage.


That was a rather polite attempt of rage. I’ve seen worse.