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did someone say


dis a gud game btw

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Disgaea 5 is a completely normal tactical RPG with reasonable numbers.Only 310 billion damage in one turn even though my units already reached about 40% of the stats they could potentially have with enough grind


I’m still leveling in the original Disgaea!

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Those are reasonable numbers? In JRPG terms, that’s either 5000% or 1% of a boss’s health :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The health cap is 99 billion

But that 310 billion was accumulated by attacking about 8 enemys at once

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I once bought a Disgaea for PS3 because I thought I liked the idea but the grind… I forgot what it means if a game is a JRPG.

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Ah yes, the classic base damage multiplied by the RPG factor and then raised to the anime exponent


this post is still mesmerizing




playing all them flash games before 2020 hits. anyone got reccs?

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There’s flash projector which lets you run files without the browser. You’ll be able to play them to your heart’s content after 2020 with that, don’t let tech companies restrict which kind of files you can run. My recommendations are Mirror’s Edge 2D.swf and Necronomicon.swf

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i liked Raze back in the day, if youre into sidescrolling shooters
Depict1 and Seedling are still pretty nice

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I just watched “Joker”- ironicly mostly because of the controversys it spawned and the wish to see what is in them.
It was quite decent and hooked alot. The movie actually made me feel bad for the joker despite all the violent things he is doing.

I think that all the controversy surrounding it shows that alot of mainstream media sucks. The movie does not try to display jokers actions as just, insted it shows how his already frail sanity got completely torn apart by the awful life he had to suffer through.


Mainstream media were pretty much begging something bad irl even remotely related to the movie to happen so they can farm off the clout with news. At this point there’s almost no unbiased news report on the web any more.

There are few unbiased anythings these days.

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You know, aside from me. 100% unbiased, objective and proud.

That being said, I really like most of Joker. I only have two major complaints about it (spoilers are safely hidden where necessary):

  1. The first hour of the movie was incredibly slow without much if any efficient scene or character building. Yes, there was some. But what was established in the entire first hour could’ve been done in 20 minutes without making it feel rushed. Man, I was actually getting angry at how bored I was starting to get.

  2. There’s a particular scene in the movie that feels extremely forced and very stupid. It was handled poorly on every character’s part, and the scene setting was equally… irrational. Aside from the movie’s attempts at justifying why it needed to take place, that whole stupid scene should’ve just been cut.


When Joker meets Bruce Wayne at the Wayne Estate. If you guessed this before clicking, kudos. Did you feel the same?

If I had shown up to the movie an hour late, I’d have given it an 8/10.
As a full package however, it gets a 6.