The Purification Crusade


Well…I tried to stream. I ran a few tests with a couple different programs…no dice. :pensive:

My computer is just too old. I was able to complete the twitch connections properly, but the video was terribly lagged. My computer locked up.


traps are not gay, except when they are


About the name change:

Isgo was known to shitpost on discord so it was easy to know if he was trustworthy or not, the power to put us all on tilt did not get to him.

While Phayze is known to be a responsible member of the community.


Okay here is another dump:





Also me:


You’ve quoted that twice now.
The fuck you tryna say?


Nailing you to the wall with your own words.



N-NANI!? 15what


This would also work amazingly well with the upgrade enter key meme


My girlfriend asked me to stay at her family farm for a few weeks this summer. Being the city-boy I am, what should I know of farm life?


know that everyone and everything will wake up before you do and will probably let you know about it. (dogs and birds especially)

get used to the smell of grass and poop cause its everywhere (watch your step)

remove all notions of veganism because even the animals dont buy it. (all farmers know that if the positions were reversed, they wouldn’t hesitate to eat us)

dont sneak up on or try to grab anything unless you want to lose something (including but not limited to - eyes, fingers, ribs, dignity and self esteem)


As a son of a son of a farmer I can solidly say, look where you are walking!


How do you all like my new profile picture?


Those new eyes certainly make you look more malicious.


That is finna woke.




I’ve been playing Into The Breach, and I gotta say, throwing rocks at all my problems is actually working very well.


I may have teased about getting eye cancer before, but I wasn’t serious!

Still… I can’t be angry, it made me laugh.


Hey, this thread needs a @discobot quote.

What do you think of the new home for meme-ing, discobot?


:left_speech_bubble: He who knows, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know. — Lao Tzu