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The Purification Crusade


I went in only to get the tram pass and realised I had to go to the Distant Village to escape. I didn’t have the map as well.


well, the other way out is with through mantis village(doesnt hurt to pick up that pale ore in the creepy spiders lair)


Nosk is in Deepnest?


… where else did you expect the fucker to be at? His lair is a bit hidden tho
By a bit i mean he makes it obvious as to where he is at


I didn’t know, I can murder him later anyways when I get the final nail art.


Riftwalker, Mirrorrim, Xor, Blood Echoes and Zurael is the ultimate Russian roulette package :stuck_out_tongue: haven’t been brave enough to test this properly though


Hey guys, that girl that dumped me wants to go to the school dance next month with me

Also I need advice on something. if anyone is willing to listen shoot me a PM

hey @isbee this is directed at you


I somehow ended up on this video. Is it possible for a yugioh veteran to explain this to a pleb like me?


DP YGO is just an entertaining channel with intresting meta predictions. Cough “Zoo wont be good” cough.

Dark contract with eternal darkness is a trap in a combo deck like D.D.D so it never saw any play.


Just saw that the new SV expansion has rebbelion in its name. I might pick SV up.


So uh that girl told me today that she doesn’t want to go to the dance with me anymore or see me ever again?? I asked her if i did something wrong or why she’s doing this and she just said she’s bored of me

i quit lmao


either this is confirmation bias or they really increased drop rates in SV, every 3 packs or so i get a legendary, i got 2 in the same pack just now. I have 3 copies of all the legendaries from the newest expansion, some of them are animated
also pulled both of the alt arts on the first day the expansion came out

meta is still stale but its a fun game


Bloody hell, what crappy behavior.

So from now on, can we agree on not giving her the benefit of the doubt anymore and realize that there are people who don’t mean well for you.

Sorry for that happening to you.


Yeah, I’m just going to avoid her at this point. I don’t know what I expected, but definitely not just “I’m bored of you”
It’s frustrating.

I’ve noticed lately that people are jerks


Don’t just avoid her, actively avoid any hold she can establish to manipulate you.

It is clear that she enjoys toying with you and she won’t give her play thing up as easily.

You need to think how you want to approach it. Either you can attack and make her interactions with you a net negative for her life by embarrassing her, you can take a cold shoulder approach and ignore all communication or you can take an approach where you attempt to explain to her that you would appreciate it if she stops trying to communicate with you as you do not trust her, but respect her for being her own person and being on her own journey of discovery and growth.


Yeah. The thing that bothers me the most is that I put so much of my time and energy into doing nice things for her.

Story time. She has an eating disorder where she doesn’t want to eat and is malnourished, so her parents have talked to the school and forced her to eat down in the principal’s office where he can make sure she eats her lunch. She tells me on thursday “It’s so terrible down there, I’m so lonely. I wish I could sit with my friends again.” So on friday, we have the same time lunch and share a class before lunch. I ask her at the end of class if she’d like me to go sit with her and keep her company. Her face lit up and she said she’d love it.

So we go down there, I don’t say much, but she’s clearly enjoying our conversations. She’ll laugh a ton when i make a joke. I was kinda bored but I did it to make her happy. Just show I care, right? So then after lunch she thanks me and said we should do it again sometime.

Then at the end of the day, one of our mutual friends (she tells me everything) comes up to me and tells me that “Grace told me she was uncomfortable the whole time and hated it. Then she told me and all her other friends that you’re a creep and we should all stay away from you.” I don’t believe her. Friday night at midnight or so I get a text from Grace saying she’s done with me and never wants to talk to me again. Did I do anything wrong? I ask. No. She’s just bored of me.

this is why i hate people


So this sounds way more typical school girl to me.

She has an eating disorder that stems from other issues. These issues cause a whole bunch of these behaviors.

Her parents, school and friends enforce their wills upon her and she sees complying with them as the only easy option. Frequently what she wants and what these different parties want conflict.

So she rebels by harming her own body because that is something she thought she had her control over, but her parents and to an extent the school also took that away.

It is up to you an how much you want to invest in this person and relationship. I’d approach it from purely a friendship relationship and only give what you are comfortable giving. Do what you think is right and good without expecting anything in return. When you get backlash then just ignore it if it is because of your values. Still keep an eye out for things getting out of hand. Feel free to mention it to your parents as they also know you better and might assist in pointing out blind spots. Or they might just mess everything up :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck


Honestly I really don’t want to at all at this point. I guess I didn’t know her enough beforehand when we were together, but she’s definitely not someone I need in my life


Women are confusing people and especially teenage ones, it is best to avoid teen relationships as 99.99% of the time it amounts to nothing and will probably ruin a friendship.

Best to avoid them. The latter is why I avoid guys.


You would know because I’m older than you right