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Yes, the sentinel was already at 1 health from a bone swarm.


Killing a sentinel when it transforms doesn’t actually kill the sentinel. Unless your opponent had at least 5 attack to kill the sentinel’s true form they should end up with nothing.

Confusing a bit, but thats how sentinels are. Just look at what happens when you use Lavaslasher on a minion sentinel to get an idea on how it works.


@cloudfrog Yo man I see you are at the top of the BR Royale Ladder, Nice! any tips?


uknowingly have your handle name stolen in a game you’re not familiar with :joy:

no seriously, idk what you’re taking about lol


LUUUUUL :rofl: That’s why I have username that is a random collection of letters. There should be only one Alplod :slight_smile:


Never knew you played mons competitively.


I’m not really one to feel a need to beat salty players so much, but this one…
i hate this guy XD
should have tipped him just because i know he hates it so much

you know what, i think it was better that didn’t :confused: dude was annoying but I shouldn’t be so mean. I’m still taking the victory vs some dude with a bad 'tude :expressionless:


Oof so the averse at the top of the Battlerite Royale ladder isnt you? Rip my bad


no respectable man would be on top of a battle royale ladder. you should know this


Surprised you played against him. The other day he came on someone’s stream (Poncho’s or Zabi’s) and talked about Duelyst being dead game and who plays that shit anyways? Was fascinating.

Also funny that you mention him, had to think of him today when I talked about autotipper script :smiley:


I had forgotten about that thread…seems I missed out on the fun.



The only time this works this goes beautifully.


not much fun tbh :confused: dude deletes what he says every time he realizes he’s revealing how much of an ass he is, and then edit everything else so he looks like a victim. Just seeing that thread again leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I genuinely hope I don’t see him. ever, wherever, whenever.


Yeah, no doubt we are better off.


Today I saw someone use Riftwalker in a Xor deck, now that is playing dangerous :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anyone here other than Salty play Hollow knight? I need someone to talk to.


here for your service



I needed to constantly play Abba to not be scared shitless in Deepnest.


ahh deepnest. Its scary when you are on your first playthrough(or forget to get the map)


i was actually stuck in Beasts den cuz i forgot the way out, so i was jumping around for solid 30 minutes