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The Purification Crusade


If everyone approves, then sure. :smiley:


I’m only 2 minutes in and I feel like an absolute monster.


I think there might be a mechanism for determining popular will some place in the coding of this forum…if only I could remember…:thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmmmm. One of those quiet times around here.


Don’t go ruining it now


But isn’t @isbee supposed to choose your new userpic?

I’m still waiting. That’s the main reason I visit this cursed topic…


I suggest choosing a heart :heart: for a user pic for reasons :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


I made a deck.


I was actually looking at it before you mentioned it. It’s pretty memey but don’t let me stop you, don’t let your memes be dreams.


I wonder if the ramp and Embla are the right cards for the deck and if not more cheap token cards would be better suited.


Hundred Hand Rakushi but two mana and a 2/2


Y’all know I’m right that’s why you haven’t responded. Let’s just do it


You would always know it was him as it costed 2 mana.


Hmmm, there’s not much they can do about it even if they knew so I’m okay with it.


You know, that wouldn’t be so bad. Then Isbee would be forced to click my profile every single time he scrolled by it.


I do enjoy visiting from time to time…

I have some ideas percolating.


I’m sure you do. I hope you choke on your indecisiveness and suffer for at least an hour before you pass on.


Happy Birthday, @atd09!


Weird interaction

If you have thunderclap equipped and you attack a general attack sentinel, the sentinel will transform but you will not get a copy of anything.


Do you destroy the sentinel? Because merely attacking with Thunderclap isn’t enough to summon a copy of a minion.