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The Purification Crusade


Nice snag of 7400…

Really nice to see you around here again, friend!


MINION! where have you been?

There’s kindness and love going around and you leave me here to fight it alone?!


Barber: what you want
Customer: Just fucking beat the shit out of me


Yall ever play this game?


Sadly, I started it the day it came out…but didn’t stick with it. Maybe someday.


I’m positive that this was intentional


Wow its kinda dead in here…
Big sad

Anyone here play keyforge? I think you all should try it


Well like Dooly is on it’s way out, I personally couldn’t keep my enthusiasm towards the forums because of it.

I have a void to fill, what is keyforge?


Card game created by richard garfield, unique in the house mechanic (Your deck is split into 3 seperate factions, you have to choose which one to use each turn which makes interesting turns), and the other important thing is that decks are randomly generated and unmodifiable. Don’t let the lack of deckbuilding turn you away, take a look at this vid


This is what it’s like around here these days…

Yes, I have heard of keyforge. I was excited to try it, but no one else in my circle of friends was.

I can barely get them to play any games besides stupid gimmicky party games at this point.


I would reccomend looking for a local game store holding a sealed event, bring some dice / tokens and bring some buddies to try it out. It’s a blast!


As it is world book day everyone in my school voted on their favourite books.

One of the classes banded together to make The Communist Manifesto the most popular non-fiction book.

How can that be 1uped next year?


The Bible


Hell yeah! Although that might annoy the school more then putting Mein Kampf.


It’s been a time since I participated in community board game events, since my wife doesn’t want to learn new board game rules and…well, I have a wife.

But the game looks fun.


Stop flexing on us.


Then youll like it


…who doesn’t like learning new board games?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am saddened by this news…:expressionless:


But we learned my favourite boardgame rules in our youth, so I’m pretty satisfied.

Too bad it was remade (including both rules and art for Europe): https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/155703/evolution

There exists a version of original game in English, but I can’t even google it!


I sure do. The execution in the game is interesting alongside the various playstyles you can adapt to