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The Purification Crusade


Comrades, I got banned from Hypixel for seven days for having a Stalin skin the other day.




I’m gonna have to make my own James Connolly skin as the only one that does exist sucks.



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Lack of history due to Brits being fun to take the piss out of them.


Happy Birthday, @alexx55!


Just realized that Mythron Wanderer is a 6/6/6


He’s the Abyssian demon who became evil :sweat: (compared to him, other demons are basically the Avengers)


Discobot, will I ace my ACT today?

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: You may rely on it


Thanks, Discobot.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


You got this! Do to the ACT what Rachel did to Baam.


Heh, thanks Isbee! This day marked me becoming an adult (age-wise), so i had a nice party with friends





Too laxy to to do this at night.



PS: This is a terrible deck.


Doesn’t Araras Prophet render Titan unplayable as the brilliant plumes go into your deck instead of your hand?


Why though?



You’re right! o_o
Let’s put a Lost Artificer instead.

@phoenixtoasches: Because I feed on the absurd, it replenishes my soul.


Ok, so I’m gonna say that I am just too far out of practice to solve this. It is likely really easy for some of you, given some of you are currently engaged in academic pursuits, but I honestly can’t remember how to do this shit anymore. It’s super frustrating because I was pretty decent with this stuff at one point. It’s almost embarrassing how much can be lost when you don’t actively try to retain it. It’s even more embarrassing and frustrating when people come to you expecting you to help them as you may have so easily done in the past.

I’m actually upset about it. I hate myself for losing knowledge I used to have so readily available. I can’t even figure out how to look for the tools to answer the problem online, because I can’t remember how to ask the right questions.

I’m just feeling like a failure at this point…over something that used to be so simple to me.

Fuck, I hate that I let so much of my education fall away…on things I used to actually feel confident about.


I know that I don’t know, and as much as it hurts my pride to fail…I still want to be as helpful as possible to my niece.

So here is what she sent me…(ignore the obvious error, I already mentioned it to her)

And when the solution is presented to me, I will likely go, “Oh yeah. That was so easy. Why couldn’t I figure that out?”

…and feel even more like an idiot. So there’s that to look forward to…:roll_eyes: