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The Purification Crusade


No the freakin deck
I also made the most whale deck that can actually win


Ah. Standard rabbit swarm deck with a bit of anti-rabbit in it. Essentially a lot of removal and wards as you drop the self-buffing/self-replicating saint boingboing.


Usually it’s the priest.


I found this masterpiece


1- I refuse to believe this is a full length movie (1hr+)
2- It’s fantastically awful
3- Hi y’alls.
4- Considering I’m generally never on here anymore, though I hope everyone is well :slight_smile:, figured to toss my discord to others here. SeraphicReaper#8139


Well, you are certainly welcome to stop in at anytime. :grin:


I protect the meta.


Nah, you murdering the off meta


How is the meta of shadowverse?
I despise it if there are a few topdecks that are magnitudes stronger than anything that is of lower tier.


I know only UL meta, and that is aggro or Combo (seraph, shift)or midrange shadow




What did we say about ted cruz pictures?


hey, this uncle iroh, and this is canon. i merely took a couple of screenshots and cropped them.


Golden rule in anime(i don,t care about avatar having not been made in japan):don,t mess with old people.


I fixed my sleep schedule so I will go back to posting.

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That salution one-what are the animes in the top right and bottom left?
*research purposes ofcource


Toradora is the top right and violet evergarden is bottom left. Toradora is on netflix but free on crunchyroll. Violet evergarden has an exclusive deal with netflix so the only other place to find it is torrent sites


cries in the Finnish selection of Netflix and Crunchyroll anime


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I don’t get the last one. Should I have my christian minecraft server license revoked?