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The Purification Crusade






nice memes m8 xd



I’m posting a piece of my upcoming project…
work…whatever it may turn out to be.

Un and Done

If and when one day I…


The shattered mirror…


Every scar I have…

I will see…

There is nothing that I can undo…

Those broken slivers will reveal
the pain is reflected…

from all directions.

Unfamiliar devastation refracted by the

Under this…unbroken black shroud; I am…
I have…
become the Un-

…and I will never be done.




Remember: drugs aren’t cool, kids.


@miguelosz, do you know what happened to the battle pets Rok and Fog? I can’t find them in the game, I don’t remember them being token minions either.


They are tokens.


I hate wanderer.


We need to call upon our holy dogs


Its actually happening-origin found its way back on my pc :sweat:
I have to check out what the deal is with this strange “apex legends”
It came out of nowhere ,is from EA and very popular right now.
Surprisingly gameplay didn,t seem to be garbage,wondering how it will hold up in actualy gameplay(large download :confused: )




Surprisingly EA had no input in the making of the game.


Early opinion:its fun,im awful at it(can,t aim at all,manage to empty my entire shotgun magazine pointblank without landing enough of the bursts to win against a pistol :sweat: ),balance seems to be a little off. Some legends seem to offer a bit too much while others are straight up awful.
You got a big “tanky” character-who is actually the most frail hero in the game because his passive shield only tanks about 1 bullet and his health is merely equal to all other heros.Why that is a problem you may ask?Because his hitbox is by far the largest in the entire game,he gets hit by basicly everything.


It’s ok, he has the best voicelines


We live in a meta


Happy Birthday, @nomnomnomnom!


ahh, Maisha(what is that garbage your enemy plays)


Which? Horny Nun Rabbit or Rabbit-eater Sans Cosplay?