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This is inspiring, man

I was thinking- planning- to test my limits with a challenge once I finish Rye; to read what Centuryboy recommended me, Hard Boiled Wonderland And The End Of The World, in one day. Thats 300 pages long, very much physically viable, but its toppling on mental fortitude for me.

Would be cool to stopwatch my tasks to check how much time I waste doing nothing


Are you also able to enjoy the books when you read so fast? For me, the best books are those that leave me reflecting on life and stuffz for a couple minutes every now and then (I can also read fast but that’s mainly reserved for the more boring academic papers :D)


Ahaha this is priceless :smiley: Hegel was a special guy (in more than one way)


Me enjoying reading is usually the reason why I read so fast. If I like what I read I’m literally devouring the book. Like teriyaki chicken wings my wife makes. So delicious I wanna eat them all at once. I’d like to be able to eat them slower but I just can’t.


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Many say to me that i read “Diagonally”(Aka really really fast), and i still am able to remember about 80% of what i read


Scroll Bandit steals Rebuke & Diretide Frenzy. Massacre Artist backstabs, DTF is cast on Bandit who is next to 3 enemies, Rebuke. How many spells do you get? Do you steal a spell from yourself?


If bandit is directly behind an enemy, you get one spell. backstab does not trigger on self or with frenzy


are you fucking kidding me?

This is allowed and ted cruz in leather gets deleted. also hi i’m back


You get one. Backstab activates with attacking, not dealing damage. Even though any attack counts as stab with Artist, rebuke and frenzy are not attacks. And you will be attacking only one enemy.



Slow day.

I wonder how we have so many pictures of the IRA, anyways, I am grateful for this.


Well that was one of the most nonstandard matches Ive ever played
Here’s a replay depicting its additional oddities for the curious
Solo Ilena vs Teleport Age
I swear, solo decks are bound to fun matches


damn man, nice!

I myself read the arabian nights in a week. it was really good, I guess that is why it went so fast. :grinning:
have you read it?


If you mean 1001 nights - I’ve read it in my childhood, yeah.


…of course you folks already know how much I heart this place…:wink:


Happy Valentine’s Day, ya friggen losers


Welcome back, @zer0billion


What’s a good last-minute valentines day gift?


Random thought:Lyonar is a awful faction right now And probably will stay that way because its unlikely that CP will ever update duelyst again
Their trademarks are healing and high-health stuff. They are supposedly the defensive faction,yet all the lyonar-lists you see these days that perform relatively well are very aggresive because lyonar has actually the worst lategame of all factions(very expensive and conditional removal,very slow and answerable wincons,no ramp,limited value BBs"s)
Im not saying lyonar is too weak,tempo zir"an certainly stomps a bunch of lists ,but i feel like it doesn"t fit the factions identity to be so rushdown focused.