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The Purification Crusade


There is the chance that it could have been deleted since I took that screenshot before the last edit but the reference still remains.


What so seemingly disappeared was a paragraph that Gen Z is the most conservative genration since WW2.

Which is hard to fathom.

Edit: I found the prior one again.


Here we go and happy cakeday Isb.


Bet youll get a kick out of this @epicflygon


I see you’ve discovered r/historymemes.


Daddy Stalin. :weary: :sweat_drops:



And which one did you finally read, @ryousen?


Thank you all for the birthday wishes!
My trip around the sun starts anew!


Geee it’s not like I said that’s where I got my memes like 4 days ago.


Bold of you to assume I remember things from 4 days ago.


Absolute chad.


I havent finished it, but- IM GONNA SAY IT!- I really, I actually like Naked Lunch!
Its crazy ass shit. Not for the weak of stomach, is how its commonly described. Thats what I like
The accelerationist-hyperstitionist nucleus is also interesting, which is to say incomprehensible
CCRU Collective Writings, Cyclonopedia: Complicity With Anonymous Materials are within that, but I havent delved deep into, just a bit

Thats slow tho
I am dissatisfied with my slowness
kys crawling ]][[
So yesterday I told myself if I dont finish The Catcher In The Rye until friday midnight (its 200 pages long) I am gonna hang myself

ahahah that would be funny
Imagine working your ass off dealing with life, and then you hang yourself cause you didnt read a shitty book in five days
I actually didnt establish a consequence because I will not fail
Consumed 49 pages yesterday
Its illuminating to think that one can read 50 per day, I thought 400 pages long books took like three months to finish but actually you can do it in a week
Its like, not even a big deal to finish 200 until friday
Well, actually, depends on the book
CCRU shit is very consuming, Catcher is an easy digest

My ultimate objetive is Fanged Noumena but that is behind so many philosophical walls its ridiculous
You gotta get Deleuze and Kant
To get Deleuze you gotta get Lacan
To get Lacan you gotta get Freud and Hegel
To get Kant, i dont even know
I dont know if youre familiar with those names but deleuze is incomprehensible and hegel is also incomprehensible
Im just on tangents now, gonna end it here and go read my 50 pages


I have a bit of a funny story about Hegel
That I know of there are only two kinds of people related to him
People who say he is incomprehensible
And professors
So this once after looking up Kripke stuff I come across a youtube video suggest
“Half Hour Hegel”
Im like
I’ll consume a half hour hegel video
Its just about The Phenomenology Of The Spirit
Thats just one book
And everything can be put simply
I can explain what the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus is about in like a minute
Its no substitute but at least you get part of the essence
So for this ultracomplex philosopher it takes half an hour
Thats fine
I click on the video
And it takes me to a Half Hour Hegel playlist of 269 classes that started four years ago and are still being uploaded

So help me God


He’s speaking in tongues



Not related to duelyst but how do you guys feel about this kind of sketchwork, easier for me do :^)


I’m drunk so I wanna tell you…

I’m able to read 100 pages of fiction per hour and remember what I’ve read.


…what the literal fuck???

hentai does not count Alplod


This just keeps getting better. :joy:


Lack of non-history memes as I wanna sleep.



Ok, that was probably a bit too much. As I said I was drunk. But I’m very sure I’m able to devour 50 pages per hour. I need 2 evenings to finish a 300 page book, I’ve read whole Lord of the Rings in about 5-7 days in my youth, so I guess 50 pages per hour is an honest approximation, even maybe a bit modest.