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Gonna post daily, just make sure to post so the forums don’t stop me.

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There’s a cake next to your name. I suppose it’s a good thing.


Yeah…I’m still kickin’





get caked bee



Hey, happy birthsday, @isbee! Live long and prosper :wink:


80% want cat girls @elonmusk




Thank you, thank you! I will surely do my best. :woozy_face:


Happy cake day @isbee :slight_smile: !


happy cake day :smile:


The overwhelming aura of hospitality, kindness and graciousness in this topic today makes me want to rip off my fingernails, eat them, then them cough them back up. Enjoy your cake, @isbee, I hope it makes you fat and decrepit.


Fellas how?


I’m curious to see that source. If nothing else I feel it may be due to a general change in religious expression through generations, especially considering one’s induction into religion and how they are exposed to it is dependent on their family.


Happy cake day isbee! :cake:


This just in, the skewed numbers of persons attending church in older generations is due to attendees suffering early demises. Older individuals who attended church were unavailable to complete the survey. Religion causes early death. [citation needed]



This appears to be it.


Aw… balls… I can’t read it. There’s no freaking way I’m paying even $7 just to satisfy this itch.


Oh well, for whatever reason I can’t for the life of me find that paragraph on the wiki page again.