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The Purification Crusade


Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. Control still switches back even after being dispelled.


cat girls wen

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Our family is moving today. Let us pray we don’t find a festering corpse in the kitchen cupboard.


Better, cockroaches and bed bugs. At least you can scrub out the smell of decomposing flesh.


Where are you moving to?


Directly next door. Mom couldn’t handle the noisy family upstairs.


Such adventure.


I don’t know if I should do meme dumps again.


May-mays? Why not…


I pretty much get my memes exclusively from r/historymemes and r/me_ira so it is mostly history memes I have on me.

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i may or may not just beat solafid on wargroove and i was like “woah that same sounds oddly familiar”. And i googled and apparently, if hes the same person, he was S-1 for a while here, so… Brag rights bois, im better than all of you /s.


oof that was close




Only reason why Anime wasn’t a mistake.


Gonna continue to regularly post history memes, the non history memes are mainly from discord.


I would say hell would have British police.


*screenhots taken moments before disaster

To explain
-if you destroy a symbol the field it was on switches to the color the symbol used to have. If a symbol is on a field that changes color it also gets destroyed,starting a chainreaction. Null-symbols destroy all fields of the color they were on when destroyed.The colorconvertion happens until all of one color dissapeared and the symbols destroyed in the process than repeat the reaction in the order they were destroyed(closest to the destroyed symbol first). If you remove all colored fields from the board an explosion occurs that deals alot of damage to enemys
-the invincibility symbol which i didn,t take into consideration meaned i had to waste my remaining actions to find another way to set up the geo-chain that destroys all colors
-if a field changes colors(or loses it to NULL) all units on that field take damage. Damage scales alot with the lengh of the chainreaction. I understimated that damage and ended up killing a whole bunch of my own units with the chainreactions
-enemys could move afterwards and attack my survivors
-i still had 1 high LV unit left to turn it but it was quite close. What i should have done upon realizing the invincibility symbol that prevented the intended chain is just position my units on the invincible field and wait a turn to have all actions on the next turn.

The reason i went for these chains in the first place was that it fills a meter that if full gives you a neat reward


Trying to make big Geochains sometimes end with fun like that. At least you made it out OK in the end.


I learned that maybe i should read what the fields-effects do before making a plan :thinking:
Im positively surprised-worryed that it was just going to be mindless grind but appears to offer some relatively strategic gameplay if you choose to go for it

Im not sure if this here is realy that offtopic-but i also tryed to get into fighting games throughout the last 2 weeks. Ended up giving up,its not a learning curve but a learning mountain and i don,t think that suffering for weeks before beeing able to have any fun is worth it if there are so many other games that offer fun from the beginning.


That helps too. Especially if you get a no color change geo panel, those ones really like messing up your geo chains :stuck_out_tongue:

The endless grind only starts when you get in the post-game. Before that the game plays a bit differently.

If only there was anything off topic in this thread :rofl:

I guess this is a matter of preference. I personally found the payoff from some games with steep learning curves to be quite worth the effort. For me games like Caves of Qud are a good example of games that takes some time to get into but provide lots of fun once you do. Although on the other hand I spent lots of time learning to play Dwarf Fortress only to find that it isn’t exactly my kind of game.