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The Purification Crusade






Happens also every run I play my Calculator decks :smile:


Happy Cakeday, @improbableblob!
Happy Cakeday, @kelvindagr8!


:o thx isbeeeee!!


Seriously though, how the f*** did some you learn a second language not related to your first? I’m thinking of learning Korean but it looks so difficult. I don’t even know where to start.


From personal experience the best way involves living for a while in a country that uses said language. There are other good ways to learn a language but most of them are less efficient, slower or both.


I recommend reading books; it’s the best way to learn any language in my opinion.


Full immersion. Whenever one is practicing any language making sure to only use that language while practicing and learning it is crucial to accelerated learning.
From experience learning one language with and one without


English isnt even close to my first (or second). Found it quite easy


Being a grammar nazi really helps with grammar LOL


Dude, your period.


Am I a Songhai player now?


Happy Chinese New Year :grinning:!



While it might still be crude, i need to add some movement/blurr frames and i’m still learning the process of spriting, i think you guys might like this. School projects ahoy~


I want to build a duelyst engine to calculate optimal moves. Using something like naive bayes should be pretty OP in terms of predicting what type of deck the opponent has. In the end, something like an analysis of how you played can be really cool:

from lichess


This is my second Hexblade. Artifact Ciphy is beckoning me…


can you dispel a minion you hit with mindlathe if you want to keep it? for ex, if i hit a azure horn shaman, then i dispell it cuz yea, would he stay under my control permenately?


If I could, I would totally try to play non-trail artifact Sajj. Would be pretty fun to play when artihai gets hit by the community banlist…


I don’t think it works that way, but worth testing. I’d think someone would already have discovered this if dispel had an effect (also for cards like Psychic Conduit, Horrific Visage etc.)