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The Purification Crusade


Epics are not budget?


Epics can be in budget decks, depending what you consider budget in terms of spirit cost. But if want both Battle Panddo and Jux then that is already 2100 spirit and there isn’t really a cheaper version of those cards, unless you want to count MDS as a cheaper version of Jux.


Remember back in 2016 when we complained that Zir’an had no late-game? It was before we realized Zir’an needed no late-game. Those were the days.




Is this still the meme thread, or am I in the wrong place?




Something about the thread sort of made me question that. The abject lack of “memes” may or may not have played a part in that.


My life is a meme.

laughs and cries in a corner


;-; no words can express emotion i felt reading this. something akin to joy, of the brightest kind, but sadness, the deepest kind of sorrow. basically, lol.


Did someone ask for MEMES ?

January edition.


The most dangerous card ever printed



minion :clap: review :clap:


I’m a lifelong Harry Potter fan and I fell asleep while watching The Crimes of Grindelwald. That’s how bad the movie is.


Im surprised there was no incest, given how everyone is related to each other somehow.


I had to miss an entire week of school because of illness.


I too have binged an entire series on netflix


Jokes on you I spent the entire time watching Minecraft because I lost all semblence of sanity and understanding.


Huh, i enjoyed it. It did have some bad moments, but overall was enjoyable


I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


When the opponent spams GLHF as Wanderer Rag against your Lodestar Ascension Sajj