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Pretty funky interaction when you steal a Seraphim with Paradigm.


Of course, you own the Seraphim. There by you get the drop.


Reminds me of the time I superior miraged a Second Sword Sarugi and proceeded to clear the board with several zero mana Blood of Airs :blush:


ok, please explain


*Ghost seraphim best vet card


There isn’t much to explain, Sarugi’s ability stacks so when you have three Sarugis on the field at once all your spells cost 6 less. Hence the zero mana blood of airs.


oh. i thought you mind controlled it, not mirage. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What the Hell
Where am I
Who are you people


that’s life buddy


Thanks for the wishes! I’ve been busy with school. As much as I would like to be a bumbling idiot who does nothing but sit and play games all day society demands that I have some form of education.

Who likes tests? Not this guy!


Im currently getting fairly annoyed by how good the average gauntlet player is
They tend to have cards that are realy good in gauntlet and synergys that you would usualy see on ladder aslong they rely on low-rarity cards(things lik fortitude hatch rippers)
RIP my believe that atleast 50% of gauntlet players are bronzes who try to expand their collection enough to climb .This makes it realy tough to make profit out of gauntlet-unless i get a godlike deck i have trouble even getting to 4-5 wins.


You make a good point about the state of the gauntlet. The only thing I would like to point out is that one of the reasons for the large amount of bronze players in there is that many of them play only the gauntlet without touching the ladder whatsoever.


yea, it was like that i awhile ago, but i don’t think the bronzes liked being wupped and wasting all there gold. i never do gauntlet because i prefer to by orbs, but that is just me.


Yep, for a medium-skilled player like me (previously average of around 4-5 wins, 7 fairly often and 10+ every now and then) it seems to have got much harder. Last time I played it was a struggle to get to even 4, with fairly decent drafts.


i found the ultimate meta breaking meme… behold, the STUPID NOT GONNA HAPPEN deck


Why is it tiny. Don’t call it stupid I think you scared it.


oh my sweet lord jesus i have never laughed harder.


@owlbeastmd, make a midrange hai deck next (without ox).


Budget or no? Midrange reva is outclassed by wanderer and aggro equivalents. Midrange kaleos has multiple flavors


Kaleos for sure, but I can’t imagine a decent budget version cause battle pando and jux are great.