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The Purification Crusade


Valknu is an exact copy of your general at the moment he hatches. This includes copying abilities and stats from artifacts I.E. you can have an immortal Valknu that gives all your eggs forcefield and hatches them whenever he deals damage.


This tickles my Valknora bone.


This is now plagiarized by the wiki.


…or, you can just bbs a couple of times :wink: Dark Memes IX: BBSfest Lilithe




Here the material


Oh. Look. A meme.

Fancy that. :rofl:


She still cant cast any of those


It occured to me that it was a misunderstanding all along. A misheard phrase. We got ahead of ourselves and thought about a new expension, but it just was about “Q4 contempt”.

This is a bit too snarky though. Apologies to anyone offended.


Isn’t that the joke?


Is the mute function broken?
I am playing against this guy and I muted the general pic but they still can send emotes and texts


The mute function tends to turn off rather quickly, in fact it does so any time you click anywhere after you turn it on, so you have to keep turning it on if you want to keep your opponent quite.


I noticed this too one game. Thanks for clarification, a bit weird that it works this way!


Mary Oliver died? God damn…


School presentation.


Oh, this one’s easy:

Wundrur = violence :magdown:
Sirpenti = art :sirpenti:



Hmmmm…sounds like toreador antitribu…


wow. that’s edgy.