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The Purification Crusade


There’s some pretty good artifact lyonar decks out there, orbo is a fun gimmick though, I just can’t see myself trying knowing the wr will be pretty low since even if orbo gives anything good, it will still cost mana to play and not even a majority of legendary cards are good.

The artifact list usually includes sun breaker, lost artificer and no bracers or standard. Maybe replace burial with decimate as a 1-2 of since they are similar.




You gotta play Zurael Kaleos now.




You gotta.


Do it, you wont


Delet Songhai



did anyone notice that in the lore, there are five orbs to be won by the duelysts (orange, purple, blue, green, and red) yet there are only four of them in game? it be cool if CPG did something with the red. like a charm that your general entered the game with.


System is on a rampage, editing all old posts with images in them. At least there’s still some moderation on the boards :laughing:


Haven’t had any notifications on my stuff…yet. :smirk:


Happy Cakeday, Comrade @owlbeastmd!


A-a-and I back on the forums again after not reading them for like 2 months. I’m sure all of you noticed.
Anything interesting happened? Duelyst’s future clarified?


The most notable thing that happened in your absence was CPG hiring RHacker93. Nothing else important happened. There was no Q4 content and no announcements regarding Duelyst’s future.


I forget actually, what did they hire him for? I know it was for Godfall, but I’m not sure in what capacity he was hired.


RHacker said in this article:

“I also have a bit of exciting personal news to share. As of now, I will be joining the Counterplay Games QA team. I will be working on Godfall and I’m very excited to start working on the project!”


Even a Duelyst player gets hired not for Duelyst, LOL.
Thanks for heads up.


Unrealistic dream combo of the day:


I just woke up from a horrible dream. CPG announced that they will make Ragebinder a 4/4. They said it’s a nerf because now it will die to Rebuke.


Did they lower his mana cost to compensate?

Considering there are only 7 neutral keywords and you don’t need all 24 walls, this combo becomes much more realistic with GWell. Better yet with Jax + Second Self.


After TEN THOUSAND YEARS AND NO Q4 CONTENT I RETURN TO THESE LANDS with but a question, for i ponder for memes most exquisite.

Before i take my leave to test it, anyone knows how Valknu’s reacts to the stats and traits given by your equips?